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Novice Championship Tour 2011


  • Novice Championship Tour 2011

    Novice Championship Tour 2011

    Once again, VCMC is proud to announce the Novice Championship Tour. This much anticipated series is celebrating its eighth consecutive year. Averaging 100 new competitors each year, NCT offers no shortage of competition as racers compete for some great prizes, including a Drift Innovation HD170 1080p High Definition Action Camera for the overall winner.

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    Whether you're an avid race fan who has always wanted to push their car to the limit or just someone wanting to improve their car control skills, VCMC caters the NCT events to those new to high performance driving. Support and coaching from experienced senior drivers are available to help fine-tune your driving skills throughout each event. Guided course walks, tutorials, tech sessions and our famous Velocity driving school are others ways VCMC helps you get the most speed out of you and your car.

    While NCT is designed for newcomers to the sport, all drivers are welcome to participate. Please review the supplemental regulations for eligibility requirements.

    The top 10 novices will be awarded keeper trophies designed by Blitzgear. The top 5 novices will also be receiving prizes listed below. Once again our long time series sponsor PDM Racing will be supplying alignment and wheel mounting services to our top novices.

    1st: Drift Innovation HD170 1080p High Definition Action Camera
    2nd: 5L Motul 8100 Synthetic Motor Oil & PDM Racing 4 Wheel Mount/Balance & 4-Wheel Alignment
    3rd: PDM Racing 4-Wheel Mount/Balance & 4-Wheel Alignment
    4th: PDM Racing 4-Wheel Alignment
    5th: PDM Racing 4-Wheel Alignment

    This year's NCT will be scored on each novice's best 4 out of 5 event results.
    Sun Apr 03 *
    Sun Apr 24
    Sun May 22
    Sat Sept 17
    Sun Oct 09 *

    * run in conjunction with the VCMC Series

    All events take place at the BC Driving Centre in Pitt Meadows.

    See VCMC's full schedule on our Google Event Calendar

    The entry fee for online registration is $30. Online registration will open a couple of weeks prior to each NCT event. On-site registration is available for $40.

    Membership is required and is available online via Karelo. New members receive their first single-day event free. This includes any NCT event.

    If you have any questions about NCT or any of our competition events, please contact our Competition Director or post a question on our forum.

    Novice Championship Tour Supplemental Regulations

    These regulations apply only to VCMC Novice Championship Tour events in addition to the 2011 Supplemental Regulations (below).

    SCORING: The fastest official timed runs, plus penalties, will be used for scoring for all classes. Times will be indexed using 2011 PAX factors, as published by Rick Ruth at to determine Novice Championship points.

    AWARDS: As described in the event announcement.

    POINTS AND AWARDS: Series standings are determined by a competitor’s best four out of five results. Trophies will be awarded to the top novice competitors. Points will determine a competitor’s place and will be calculated as per section 5.3 (E) of the 2011 CACC Autoslalom Rulebook.

    VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION: It is recommended that all competition vehicles are identified according to section 4.2(B) of the 2011 CACC Autoslalom Rulebook. Numbers conforming to the SCCA National Solo Rules section 3.7 are also acceptable. Vehicle numbers may be a maximum of 3 digits (numbers 1 to 999 are acceptable). However, it is strongly recommended that the primary driver’s number be selected from the range 1 to 99, with the second driver being distinguished by a leading 1. As an example, if car #55 in DSP had two drivers, the second driver would be #155. Only one set of numbers may visible during official timed runs. Shoe polish and masking tape are acceptable forms of identification.

    2011 Supplemental Regulations

    Unless otherwise noted, these supplemental regulations will apply to all 2011 VCMC Autoslalom events.

    RULES: This event is held under the applicable rules outlined in the 2011 CACC Autoslalom Rulebook, General Competition Regulations (GCR), and Bulletins. Copies are available online at

    COMPETITOR ELIGIBILITY: All competitors must possess a valid driver’s license and be at least 16 years of age on the day of the event. All new drivers with a learner’s permit require a passenger 25 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license (BC Driver’s license classes 1 through 5 or equivalent).

    MINORS: All competitors under the age of 19 must have written permission from BOTH parents and/or legal guardians to participate. All spectators and competitors under the age of 19 must complete the ASN Canada FIA Minor Participant and Annual Parental Consent Waiver. These forms are available online at and will be available at the event.

    SPEED LIMITS: The off-course speed limit is 15km/h. This applies to all pit, grid and staging areas, as well as any site access roads. Local speed limits are also in effect (50km/h) along Ford Rd. Anyone caught violating these speed limits is subject to IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION AND WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE SITE.

    CHILDREN AND PETS: The pre-grid and course areas are off-limits to small children and animals. Pets must be adequately leashed and under control at all times.

    TIMING AREA(S): Official areas and vehicles are for authorized event personnel only.

    SITE AMENITIES: Fuel, air and helmets may not be readily available at the event site. Competitors must be prepared to make other arrangements should these items be unavailable.

    HELMETS: Helmets are required for all competitors and passengers. Refer to section 3.4(C) of the 2011 CACC Autoslalom rulebook for acceptable helmet standards.

    WORK REQUIREMENT: All competitors must complete their work assignments to be eligible for event and championship points. Failure to complete a work assignment will result in a DNF for all of the competitor’s runs.

    OUT OF GROUP RUNS: Competitors needing to run outside of their assigned run group must inform the Event Chair in writing prior to the day of the event with adequate justification. Out of run groups shall noted on the scoreboard. Competitors running out of group may be subject to protest if a weather change influences results in their favor.

    OUT OF GROUP WORKING: Competitors needing to work outside of their assigned group must notify the Chief of Workers prior to the first affected work group time.

    CAR CLASSIFICATION: Refer to the 2011 SCCA National Solo Rules sections 12 through 18 and Appendix A for vehicle preparation/modification allowances.

    INDEXING: Indexed run times shall be calculated using the 2011 PAX values as published by Rick Ruth at

    MEMBERSHIP: All competitors must be current VCMC members in good standing.

    NOVICE: A competitor who has participated in 3 or fewer Solosport events as of January 1st, 2011 shall be deemed a Novice. All competitive, test-and-tune and non-competitive Solosport events and schools count towards Novice status. The Event Chair reserves the right to change a competitor’s Novice status following a review of the competitor’s motorsports history.

    PROTESTS: Protests will be handled as described in the CACC GCR sections 12 and 13. The protest fee shall be $200 payable in cash. The minimum amount retained shall be $100.

    RESPECT THE SITE: Please do not litter. Keep your pit area safe. Any and all fluids removed from a vehicle must be taken with you at the end of the event day.

    RESPECT THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Respect the local residents, we are guests at this site and we must act accordingly. No speeding, burnouts or loud stereos will be tolerated at any time. You will be asked to leave if you do not behave appropriately.

    PASSENGERS: Passengers are permitted during official timed runs with the exception of those runs counting towards the official results for the VCMC Series OPAX group. Drivers competing in the VCMC Series OPAX group are not permitted to ride along as a passenger prior to completing all of their official timed competition runs. Novice drivers may only take passengers if a senior driver rides along.

    NOISE LEVELS: All vehicles must be muffled with a maximum allowable sound level of 92dB, as measured at 50 feet from the edge of the course. Competitors exceeding this limit will be given one warning, and will be permitted to make modifications to reduce sound. Competitors will be disqualified if they cannot comply with this sound limit. Final judgment of the acceptability of sound levels, regardless of the measured sound level, rests with the Event Chair and designated event officials.

    MULTIPLE DRIVER CARS: Multiple competitors may drive the same vehicle during competition with a maximum of two drivers per car per run heat.

    EQUIPMENT AND FACILITY DAMAGE: A flat fee of $150 is to be paid to the VCMC immediately upon contact with ANY equipment (excluding cones) or the facility. This includes, but is not limited to, the timing equipment and cables.

    EXHIBITION DRIVING: Competitors must keep their vehicle under control at all times. No doughnuts, excessive tire smoke, or exhibition driving at any time. Failure to follow these rules will result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.
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