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2011 Novice Championship Tour Standings


  • 2011 Novice Championship Tour Standings

    As NCT #2 bears down on us, there is some reflection to be done and many questions to be asked.

    NCT #1 was a great success, so much so that we attracted more participants than we would have guessed. Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding in getting through that cold cold day.

    How many of the first timers will be back for Round 2 of NCT? We certainly hope many of you have taken a liking to our humble little sport and bring your game to the NCT for the season.

    How many of you who have just found us are signed up for the Velocity School this Saturday? Those who are lucky enough to be signed up will certainly have an advantage over others, yet then again, maybe we have natural born talent joining our club just waiting to shine!

    The next question is, where do YOU sit in the standings after the first event? Check out the link below to find out! One word of encouragement before you do, do not despair if you are currently further down in the standings. NCT is a best 4 of 5 event series so your lowest points result doesn't count and it is still very early in the season!

    2011 Novice Championship Tour Standings

    FYI: points are calculated by dividing the fastest competitor's time with your fastest time (all PAX times) and multiplying by 100, carrying 3 decimal places and believe me, those fractions of points count!

    Quick reminder, make sure when you register, you are classed correctly to avoid missing out on points that are yours and potential protests from competitors!

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