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2011 VCMC Track Day Registration Now Open


  • 2011 VCMC Track Day Registration Now Open

    Registration for all 3 VCMC Track Day events is now open. Please see the Track Days page for an overview of our lapping day program.

    New for this year, we are offering an open lapping day on September 23 for experienced drivers.

    Please post any questions you have about track days to this thread, or email [email protected]

    Supplemental Regulations

    Thursday June 2
    Friday July 8
    Friday September 23

    Entry Fee
    $200 per event

    Registration must be completed on-line via Karelo. Entries are non-transferable and are subject to the terms in the cancellation policy (below).

    Drivers must hold a current VCMC membership in order to register. Memberships are available on Karelo. Each event will be limited to a maximum of 40 paid participants plus instructors.

    Please note that Novices must register using the Novice forms:
    Register - June 2 Novices Only
    Register - July 8 Novices Only

    Experienced Drivers must register using the standard forms:
    Register - June 2 Experienced Drivers Only
    Register - July 8 Experienced Drivers Only
    Register - Sept 23 Open Lapping - Experienced Drivers Only

    In addition to the requirements in the regulations, all drivers must have some previous performance driving experience (e.g. autocross, time trials, lapping, performance driving school, etc.). Instruction will be available at the June 2 and July 8 events only. Novices must attend the classroom session which will be held at the Raceway on the morning of each event. The classroom session covers the rules of a track day event, safety concerns, passing rules and mental preparation for track driving. Novices are not allowed to carry passengers except for an instructor. A novice is defined as a driver who has participated in 3 or fewer track days.

    Standard: For the June 2 and July 8 events, drivers are grouped by experience level and run in separate sessions. Each session runs for a fixed time duration.

    Open Lapping: The September 23 event is open to drivers with previous track day experience only. There will be no instruction available. Drivers who have not attended a previous VCMC track day must provide proof of experience. This event is not open to novice drivers.

    Under the open lapping format, drivers are not divided into groups. Instead, drivers will be permitted to enter and leave the track at their own discretion throughout the day. The course marshal will limit the number of cars on track at any given time. Drivers will be expected to observe reasonable time limits for each session.

    Vehicle Requirements
    Vehicles must undergo a compliance check at the track before being permitted to run. This is not a full mechanical inspection. It is ultimately the driver's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is safe and meets all of the requirements.
    Convertibles with OEM hoops (e.g. NC Miata & S2000): hardtop and/or approved roll over protection devices are highly recommended
    All other convertibles (e.g. NA/NB Miata): hardtop and/or approved roll over protection devices are REQUIRED

    7:00 am - gates open
    7:15 am - tech opens
    8:15 am - tech closes
    8:30 am - mandatory drivers meeting
    9:00 am - on track sessions begin
    4:00 pm - on track activities cease
    5:00 pm - premises must be vacated

    The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

    Sound Limit
    Track noise limit is 90db measured from the racing line. Vehicles that exceed the sound limit will not be permitted to run.

    Cancellation Policy
    Club must be notified no later than two weeks prior to any given event to receive 90% refund for that event.
    Club must be notified no later than one week prior to any given event to receive 50% refund for that event.

    All VCMC track days are sanctioned by CACC and are held under CACC Lapping Regulations, CACC SoloSprint Regulations, and CACC GCRs. Additional resources can be found on the Track Days page.
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