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VCMC Alumni Invitational Recap


  • VCMC Alumni Invitational Recap

    As the sun dawned on Canada's 144th birthday, excitement was brewing in autocrossers around the Lower Mainland. Not only in the usual suspects, but in the re-awakening of racers who laid the rubber path that all VCMCers would later enjoy the benefits of. Rob Lu's (Team Alumni) laid out a course design inspired by the 1991 Canadian Nationals course, a fitting design for the event.

    Canada Day marked the first ever VCMC Alumni Invitational event where past VCMC members, heroes even, were invited back to the club they once spent time, money, blood, sweat and tears and show the new kids on the block how it was done, back in the day, in 12 feet of snow, barefooted! Ok, minus the 12 feet of snow and shoes are required =P

    VCMC welcomed 80 drivers to a beautiful day, just overcast enough to keep things cool with the sun making appearances to keep the pad nice and warm. The 3 teams fighting for bragging rights were well represented: 22 Alumni dusted off their helmets (hmm… likely newer than that given safety requirements) to put the Newbies in their place, who were out in force with 30 representatives (quantity making up for quality?) while the Seniors brought a team of 25 to the fray.

    In contrast to regular events, morning runs gave the rusty Alumni a chance to get back on the bike and give those old Velocity skills a refresher. Not only did the skills need warming up, the time was likely needed to get accustomed to new cars on the track. The afternoon runs were the runs that would show who's top dog at VCMC. Autocrossing is just like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it!

    The event gave Alumni a great chance to catch up and hang our just as they did in the good ol' days. Checking out each other's cars much like back in the day, but wait… what is wrong with this picture? Muscle cars were everywhere, Camaros, Corvettes and Challengers, oh my! What happened to the Civics of the golden days? Handling vs Horsepower? Did these guys forget something over the years… or did they know something the Seniors and Newbies didn't?

    Chatting and laughing it up throughout the practice runs, the experienced Alumni stayed loose as bragging rights were put on the table as the afternoon runs started and the sun started to wear on everybody, and heads started to nod particularly for anyone who partook in Jen/Bill/Carson/Tracy's on-site BBQ goodies! Would the younger Newbies and their young metabolism, energy and endurance be key? Or would years of experience and wisdom from competitions past pay off?

    Once the dust settled, the BBQ all packed up, we have to sort out which team has the bragging rights. At least until the next Alumni battle, here are the representing members of each team:

    Alumni - Top 5
    Rob Lu
    Arnold Yee
    Don Nimi
    Henry Lu
    Bill Rhodes

    Senior - Top 5
    Jim McLaughlin
    Mike Marich
    Richard Arienzale
    Brian Hemming
    Mitch Burton

    Newbies - Top 5
    Owen Kirby
    Victor Chow
    Dean Chen
    Tony Morris Jr
    Avril Morrison

    Tabulating the cumulative times of the representing team members, we have the Newbies in third place with 170.813 secs, the Alumni with 168.813 secs and the Seniors 166.090 secs taking the bragging rights!

    The Alumni show us they've still got that speed from years gone by while the practice of the Seniors gives them the edge and the Newbies still have a thing or two to learn from both groups

    Regardless of the results, old faces were renewed, old excitement rekindled and hopefully we will see some of the Alumni out more often in the remainder of the season to bring the fight back again next year!

    Check out the forum for post-event discussion, and pictures and video.

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      robertqlee commented
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      very nicely written summary of the event, but i can't help but wonder if the result would have been different with the PAX numbers? My guess would be that Team Old Farts would have cleaned up!

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      EricTong commented
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      Nice summary! To answer to what happened to the Hondas we are used to run. Over the years, we the Old Farts turned to the darkside! It was a great event. Looking to forward to the next one and hopefully we see more old and new faces. BTW, it would be funny to see the old BCMA gang to show up with Hondas and we VCMC guys all bring V8's One more thing, to answer Bob's question about cleaning up, if Tony Morris Jr is reclassified to Team Old Farts, We did clean up! He did almost won the 1989 Canadian Autoslalom in D stock with his Honda Michelin racecar.

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      Lego Maniac commented
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      Re: Article: VCMC Alumni Invitational Recap

      Originally posted by robertqlee
      very nicely written summary of the event, but i can't help but wonder if the result would have been different with the PAX numbers? My guess would be that Team Old Farts would have cleaned up!
      These were all calculated on PAX times of the respective racers

      and for kicks, i did another calculation including the BOTTOM 5 of each team the results were the same

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