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2011 Packwood National Tour


  • 2011 Packwood National Tour

    The trek begins...

    ...the VCMC convoy to Packwood has begun. 30 drivers (and at least 1 cheerleader) representing VCMC are converging on the 2011 Packwood National Tour Event in Hampton Mills, Washington. Their sole goal, to bring hardware (and tires) home!

    For those who are new to the sport, Packwood National Tour is the biggest autocross competition within a days driving of Vancouver. The National Tour does travel around the US and Packwood is the closest event to Vancouver. The format resembles the ultimate autocross competition, the US Nationals. 2 courses, over 2 days, 3 runs each and the fastest combined time takes the win!

    As of today, the tour has a total of 286 entrants so VCMC is representing just over 10% of the total field. The Canadian representation is bolstered by racers from Calgary and other racers locally in Vancouver.

    Photo by Carson Au, Michael Lee, Rick Leung & Edmond Chan

    Some notables making the trip are:

    Richard Arienzle/Avril Morrison & Mitch/Michelle Burton- Team S2000, also heading to US Nationals this year, this is a warm up event. The ladies bolstering the team, warming some tires and with strong potential to bring some tires home for the boys!

    Arnold Yee/Rob Lu - some old-timers who have decided they still have the fire for racing in a Mini Cooper (note, NON-S)

    Jim Mclaughlan/Brian Hemming - from kelowna who regularly attendsVCMC events in the always fast Miata

    Richard Basford - in his freshly prepared/tuned miata in STS is a strong contender in STS

    Jack/John Yeung - in the supercharged miata should be strong contenders as well (if they can stay out of the casino?)

    John Haftner - i hear this name a lot and know he's fast fast fast, i haven't had the pleasure to see him race in person myself

    Joe Cheng/Gary Milligan/Carol Wong - how can we not mention the Vancouver Special, Joe & Gary are putting in the final tweaks to their new creation, ramping up to finish unfinished business last year at US Nationals. Their competition was given a one-year reprieve at the 2010 US Nationals, has that time allowed competition to catch the Vancouver Special?

    Mike Marich/Matt Lam - the one no-door car that shows up at local events from time to time and I was most fortunate to have a chance to drive recently. I can't recall exactly, Mike & Yarko competed at 2010 Nationals or 2009 Nationals and the car is extremely competitive. Matt Lam former Velocity Director will assist Mike's quest for tires

    Don Nimi/Jacques Dorey - PDM racing and the big bad 240sx, who could miss them!

    Katrina/Brian Salisbury & Carson Au - VCMC's father/daughter team is making the trek joined by tire-warmer Carson who knows a thing or two about miatas but this one has POWER. Katrina is VCMC's resident Padiwan and Brian is author of many a great VCMC event video/photo slideshow

    Sead Causevic - another veteran with a strong performance history in his VW Scirocco

    Bill Rhodes/Darrin Linders(el presidente) - oops and last but not least Uncle Bill and Darrin in the blue Miata. Hope Bill has removed the cupholder that caused him to smash his funny bone and spin out at the VCMC Alumni Invitational. Darrin is of course President of VCMC and hopefully he doesn't fire me for forgetting him =P

    VCMC is represented in no less than 18 classes:
    BS/BSL, ES, HS

    Safe racing and good luck to all!

    Bring home some hardware (don't worry, it's not taxable at the border)

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      Lego Maniac commented
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      oh dear… horrible oversight, corrected!

    • Slushbox
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      Great article, Zach! Wish you could make the NT. You would've done well in the FF.

    • DoubleJ
      DoubleJ commented
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      Cheerleader? I can't wait to see pics of Carson with his pom poms!

      Goodluck to everyone who's competing!

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