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"the only 2 runs that count all year"


  • The Only 2 Runs That Count All Year"

    The dust from the BC Champs has settled, weary travellers have made their way home yet there is "no rest for the weary" as it were. The VCMC exodus earlier this year for the Packwood National Tour event was a precursor to bigger things that are now rolling.

    A large contingent of those who went to National Tour are now rolling towards Lincoln, Nebraska, the heart of the USA and home of the biggest autocross event of the year, the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championship, aka US Nationals.

    This is the holy grail of the autocross world. A select few put in the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears for the chance be crowned a US National Champion.

    In just under a week, 1149 racers will be funnelled thru the logistical machine that runs the US Nationals and after 4 days of make or break competition, history will be made. Phenomenal wins and excruciating losses will be felt all across the awe-inspiring facility that is Lincoln Airpark.

    Good luck to all the Canadians making the trip and in particular to the following VCMC members (14 members):

    Joe Cheng/Gary Milligan/Carol Wong - driving the A-Mod Vancouver Special, to finish unfinished business from last year!

    Richard Arienzale/Avril Morrison
    Mitch/Michelle Burton
    - "Team S2000" this car has been finetuned all year with 4 drivers and fresh tires waiting

    Richard Basford/Andre Millette - Richard's STS Miata build was quick and precise

    Don Nimi - has been travelling up and down the west coast all season fine-tuning the PDM Racing 240sx that is ever so recognizable at VCMC events

    Owen Kirby - former ELT member and yellow S2k driver making the trek all by his lonesome this year

    Arthur Chan - returning from his hiatus in the UK, Arthur jumped in Carol's Lotus at BC Champs and it was like he never left!

    Yarko Petriw
    - notably without his partner in crime Mike Marich in the Formula Ford, Yarko will be driving a B-Mod car offered up by a US competitor

    Special Mention: John Haftner -
    King of the Hill ,the records holder at Knox Mountain, is bringing his A mod Supervee to the US playground . Seems like having a big meal on the road is a good substitute for elevation change! (by Derek)

    Event webpage (, keep an eye out for live results when the event starts Aug 31!

    VCMC Forum discussion thread:

    Photo by: Carson Au, Tracy Wong, Carol Wong, & Derek Choi
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