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  • Group 2 Day 1 Quick Summary

    Group 2 Day 1 quick summary
    Avril felt a little home sick and decided to do her best Carson impression to remind all the VCMCers of home. ok, so i made that up =P good to hear Avril was well enough to race race race!

    STS: Richard Basford & Andre Millette were first up bright and early this morning and ended the day 17th and 32nd, Richard is still within striking distance of a trophy and at NT he came back from behind to bring home some glittering hardware!

    BS: up next were the VCMC S2k's of Owen and Richard Arienzale with their cohorts, Arthur Chan and Mitch Burton - Day 1 proved to be tire-warmer's day today as both Mitch and Arthur faired better than car owners *gasp* Mitch is sitting in 10th just outside the trophies .121 back and Art is not far away in 14th barely another .1sec back. Owen and Richard are currently 24th and 29th respectively and are looking to make comebacks on Day 2 on the slalom intensive West course. Notables: Reijo currently sits 15th just behind Art.

    BSL: Michelle Burton and Avril Morrison represent VCMC in Rich's S2k (wow it's getting a LOT of runs). Avril recovering from heat exhaustion spent some time in 2nd until she was eeked out by just over .2 secs into 3rd. Michelle sits in 5th place heading into Day 2 and looks to make a big comeback as tire-warmer.

    AS: last but not least, Yarko (Velocity Director) in his back-up ride offered up by the Snells is playing in a P-car. Yarko currently sits 13th but don't worry, this is a chinese club so any number ending in '3' is lucky! fame, fortune and speed await you on Day 2!

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