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Re: 2011 VCMC Series Standings


  • 2011 VCMC Series Standings

    The VCMC Finale Event is fast approaching (in fact, it's almost here!) and it is shaping up to be an epic battle in both the VCMC Series and NCT Series!

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    Dov is stressed because he knows he got no way to win this series :P

    Here's how the VCMC Series is lining up:

    Richard Arienzale currently leads OPAX on two consistent 99 point finishes with Alex Ho nipping at his heels just .8 points back and Mitch Burton only just under 2 points back from there in third. just under 7 points cover up to the top 9 places.

    However, lurking just outside the top 11 is James Yip sitting on a 100 point finish at VCMC 1 and was absent from VCMC 2. He sits poised to leap from 12th to 1st making an epic snatch of victory if he can win VCMC #3. Jack Yeung also can mathematically take 2nd from his current 13th.

    That's about all the number crunching I'm willing to do =P

    This is a pretty much going to be a participation award as all competitors have only raced one race each!

    NCT contender Jas Johal is currently leading Stock Class with Carol Wong 5 points back and rookie Marcus Lu another 6 points back in third place (dang, rookies are fast!). Wilson Heung, Chris Eagles and Ryan Boehm round out the top 6. However, as in OPAX, veterans Arnold Yee and Robert Lu are well positioned to show the noobs how it's done mathematically able to take the top spot from 7th and 8th respectively.

    Mike Kirkwood has a pretty strong handle on NS1 with Alan Hemming a significant 12 points back, however Robert Lu appears to have switched groups for VCMC 2 and has 100 points to his name in this class making him a very real threat to Mike's lead. Ron Cridland is also a threat in 4th place working on a 99 point effort.

    Travis Bowering pretty much has NS2 in the bag with 199.380 points to his name, putting a stranglehold on the competition. Jim Sandwith from the island is the only threat working on a 100 points from VCMC 2, however, I understand Jim may not be attending VCMC 3... i don't believe anyone else can catch Travis.

    Here's an interesting battle. Ken Liu leads by just under 2 points to Fabrice Renaud, who is just under 2 points ahead of Rick Leung, the top 3 the only ones in NS3 who have run 2 events thus far. Shar Abbasi sits in 4th place on 100 points from VCMC 1 making him a very real and credible threat based on his previous accolades to snatch the title away.
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