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2012 Scion Tuner Challenge Team VCMC powered by Shift Autosport!!!


  • 2012 Scion Tuner Challenge Team VCMC powered by Shift Autosport!!!

    2012 Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S Edition
    Team VCMC
    Powered by Shift Autosport

    3 Tuner Challenge Teams have been selected to compete in this 14 month challenge – 1 from each region (British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec)

    Teams selection will be based on the following: credibility within the automotive scene, profile within the local automotive scene, proven knowledge and ability to professionally modify a vehicle for performance competition, and demonstrated passion for motorsports.

    Provided with a brand new Scion FR-S and $15k in cash, teams will be modifying and competing in an FR-S in a series of 11 automotive challenges – that looks to showcase not only the merits of the car as a performance oriented, highly modifiable sports car, but to showcase the talents of each team and their ability to strategize and execute a modification plan to win as many of the challenges put in front of them

    Challenges will range from motorsports to more lifestyle oriented challenges:
    • Autocross: Toronto (August 26th 2012)
    • Driving Skills: Montreal (September 2nd 2012)
    • Drag Racing: Edmonton
    • Drifting: Edmonton
    • Ice racing: Montreal
    • Media Challenge: Vancouver
    • Time Attack: Vancouver
    • Gymkhana: Montreal
    • CSCS Endurance Challenge: Toronto
    • Show and Shine: Toronto
    • People Choice Award: Online

    The winner of the challenge will be determined through a points system where teams will finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each of the challenges and awarded points based on their finish in each.
    The team with the most points at the end of the 11 challenges will be crowned the 2012 Scion Tuner Challenge winner and wins the prize of owning the Scion FR-S they have been working on
    A 12 part webisode series will be filmed following the teams competition and behind the scenes at all events!

    Team VCMC powered by Shift Autosport looks to represent and embody the Grassroots motorsports community. The 2012 Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S Edition will let our team show the strengths of our club, the members, and the people who love racing. We want to connect with everyone who spends all week waiting to go racing on the weekend. Team VCMC will also focus on what all true racers yearn to do: WIN!!!
    The Team VCMC car will be extensively tested. This season alone club VCMC has more than 13 events scheduled for 2012. These days include both autocross and on track lapping days. The car build will be modeled off the current SCCA Solo Street Touring class with a hint of Street Mod for weight reduction. The official challenge rules are very relaxed, but we feel the ST model allows us to exploit a street tire perfectly, and allow for further evolution.
    Most importantly we want to test, test, test the car. Trusting and understanding the car before the major events will help us win. No part will ever make it to the competition if it hasn’t been tested and proven to make us faster. Of course we care about looking good but team VCMC believe in function over form. Luckily, the FR-S platform is already very appealing to the eye!

    Team VCMC has formed a partnership with Shift Autosport for this challenge. Their build experience and tuning expertise will be a huge asset in the technical buildup of the Scion FR-S.
    Shift Autosport has been a staple in the Metro Vancouver grassroots racing scene and know what it takes to compete as the guys race themselves.

    Complete details on car build, challenges, videos, promotional contests will all be posted on the VCMC forums! But be sure to follow us here for live updates:

    Richard Basford
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