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  • About VCMC Motorsport Club

    What is VCMC? How long has the club been around? All the answers and more after the jump.

    VCMC Motorsport Club was founded in 1982 by two motor racing enthusiasts. Sam O'Young was a successful road racer in the 1970's campaigning in the production and GT classes; he was also a winning ice racer. Joe Cheng had been a successful autocrosser since the late 1970's. Together, they shared a vision of forming a club to promote motorsports and high performance. It was the first Asian-led motorsport club in North America. The club started with about ten members and the cost of membership was a small fee and whatever traffic pylons that could be found from absent-minded road paving crews. Over the yearsm the club created a magazine "FastLines" and developed its own driver training program. The club is very active in promoting and supporting the well-being of the motorsports community. With effort, the club has grown to well over 200 members. Today's membership reflects both ethnic diversity and motorsport variety. Anyone and any car can join. We have students, trades people, entrepreneurs and doctors, all sharing the same passion for competition driving. We are a member club of CACC (Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs), the official sanctioning body of amateur motor sports in B.C.

    VCMC Motorsport Club members have amassed over 50 National Class championships in Canada and the U.S., numerous CACC Class championship titles, and CACC Rookie of the Year honours. The club was also named "Winningest Club in Canada" in 1990 and 1991. As well, many championships have been won in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) Northwest Region. Our members have gone on to become winners in the Honda/Michelin series, SCCA road racing, ice racing, hill climbs, rally racing and WKA karting. Our involvement in motorsport also goes beyond competition. The club was recognized with a CASC National Solo Events Achievement Award in 1991 for organizing the best event in Canada at the time.

    The club's philosophy of speed is that the driver is the main ingredient for success regardless of what modifications are made to the car. If you are unable to make use of the full potential of a car off the showroom floor, then how can you expect to master a highly modified purpose-built racing machine? Sign up for the Velocity Driver Development Program to start on the path to become a winner.

    Since 1986, VCMC Motorsport Club has presented its most promising first-year driver with the title of Rookie of the Year. This is to recognize the potential and involvement shown by a new competitor both on and off the track. Past rookie winners have gone on to win Regional and National championships.

    If you live in Western Canada or the Northwestern United States, we urge you to join us in adrenalin pumping, heart pounding motorsports fun.

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