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Kumho Super Challenge


  • Kumho Super Challenge

    From 2003 - 2011*, VCMC Motorsport Club, in partnership with Kumho Tires Canada, hosted Kumho Super Challenge during peak racing season. The Kumho Super Challenge is a highly anticipated three-day event, drawing top-notch drivers for some of the most intense competition of the season. Each year the event was held, it has been a must-attend autocross event of the year!

    Read more about VCMC's premier annual event in partnership with Kumho Tires Canada.

    Statistical Summary

    Year Competitors Banquet Attendees1 Venue Shootout Top 5 Full Results Overall Indexed
    *VCMC hosted the BC Autoslalom Championship in partnership with Kumho Tires Canada.
    2010 107 200 BC Driving Centre Link Link Link
    2009 89 240 BC Driving Centre Link Link Link
    2008 92 250 BC Driving Centre Link Link Link
    *VCMC hosted the Canadian Autoslalom Championship in partnership with Kumho Tires Canada.
    2006 112 280 Boundary Bay Airport Link Link Link
    2005 82 240 Boundary Bay Airport Link Link Link
    2004 111 270 Boundary Bay Airport Link Link Link
    2003 110 270 Boundary Bay Airport Link Link Link
    1Estimated based on banquet tickets sold and provided.

    Kumho Super Challenge Highlights
    • Two days of intense competition
    • Exciting Sunday shootout
    • Friday Test-and-Tune
    • Catered lunch and refreshments throughout the weekend
    • Door prizes including a set of Kumho tires
    • Beautiful trophies
    • Grand buffet banquet


    Drivers compete both days on a full autocross course. Starting in 2008, Kumho Super Challenge was held at BC Driving Centre. VCMC secured the use of the skid pad as well as the adjacent runway for this special event to maximize the available course area. Combined scores from both days determined the class trophy winners. The second half of Sunday is the exciting Kumho Super Challenge Shootout where the top drivers from the two-day competition fight it out on a shootout-style course. Drivers are eliminated after each set of runs until one remains.


    On Sunday evening, Kumho Tires Canada hosts a magnificent buffet banquet for competitors and special guests. In 2009, Carnoustie Golf Club in Port Coquitlam was chosen as the host banquet hall. Previous banquet hall locations included the River Rock Casino in Richmond, the Executive Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre in Coquitlam. Competition trophies are be awarded and numerous door prizes, including a set of Kumho tires, are raffled off throughout a night of dining and celebration.


    Starting in 2008, BC Driving Centre's 225 x 1000 square foot facility was the venue of choice for Kumho Super Challenge. It is located at the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. This purpose-built facility, constructed in 2007, provides competitors with a high-quality asphalt surface, washroom facilities, and proximity to many local businesses.

    Prior to 2008, Kumho Super Challenge was held at Boundary Bay Airport in Delta, BC.

    Special Guests

    Over the years, VCMC has regularly welcomed many special guests to Kumho Super Challenge such as the President and CEO of Kumho Tire Co., Regional Managers and Marketing Executives of Kumho Tire Canada, and Frank Secondari, Senior Tire Engineer from Kumho Tire's North American Technical Centre and designer of Kumho's revered ECSTA V710 Track & Competition DOT tire.

    Additional Partners

    VCMC has been very fortunate to also partner up with many other companies and organizations over the years to execute this high profile grassroots motorsport event:

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