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2014 Season halfway review

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  • 2014 Season halfway review

    Dear VCMC members,

    With Cup 5 just over a week ago, we now have passed the halfway mark of our 2014 season.

    This is a good time to review what your Directors and ELT have accomplished so far this year.

    Club Partners:
    The 2014 team started working on finding partners last November and hasn't stopped since.
    Existing partnership with Fastrack Autobody, Driver's Edge Autosport, Petrel Data, Kerrisdale Optical and PDM Racing were renewed.
    Additionally new partners joined the family, Eximus Real Estate Team, Blue Star Motors, Midas Vancouver and Toyo Tires.

    A number of changes were implemented in the way we run events.
    We now have a first timer program that accompanies novices throughout their first day and ensures they have a senior driver on their first run.
    Drivers who are willing to take a passenger now have their car tagged, making it easier to find ride-alongs for new members.
    All Executives wear badges to make them more identifiable to anyone who has questions or needs help.
    We added an End of day Meeting to share the event results. Awards & random Prizes are also handed out at that time.
    We also invested in additional dollies to speed up the JIBC course reset process.

    Member Engagement:
    To increase member engagement in running events, the Directors have taken a deliberate step back and instead shifted their focus on providing support and training.
    The last 4 events were run by members who volunteered for Event Chair and a number of members were trained to operate our new timing software.

    With an aging timing system and all the issues it causes, the team has been working hard to troubleshoot and overhaul it.
    We have replaced the timing Laptop, simplified the connectivity, replaced cables and migrated to a more robust timing software.
    I am also happy to announce, that as of last week, we have a brand new wireless timing system from Farmtek.

    Club Bank Account:
    After some issues with declining quality of customer service, resulting in some members having to cover thousands of dollars of club expenses, the Club Bank Account was migrated to another bank.
    The whole process was lengthy and far from painless but everything is back in order now.

    Also notable:
    We had a very successful first track day at the Ridge.
    The second Velocity of the season sold out with 10 people on the waiting list.
    We did some repairs to the trailer in January.
    We finalized our event schedule as early as January, which was unprecedented in recent memory.
    We had a well attended Kart event in March.
    And we are experimenting with a new event format next August with the VCMC Summer Blitz.

    Last, I would like to personally thank the Club Directors and ELT for their work.

    Vice-President: Owen Kirby
    Treasurer: Avril Morisson
    Secretary: Matt Rizzo
    Membership Director: Gosia Zobel
    Competition Director: Shar Abassi

    Velocity Director: Yarko Petriw
    Track Coordinator: Rick Leung
    ELT: Val Ball, John Galuska, Mike Marich, Rich Arienzale, Nick Chu, Zach Wong and Stewart Bullard

    Special thanks also go to all the members who stepped up to run events or design courses: Damian Da Silva, David Ross, John Galuska, Adam McCausland, Richard Arienzale and Dean Chen.

    And of course big thanks to all our partners
    Fastrack Autobody
    Driver's Edge Autosport
    Petrel Data, Kerrisdale Optical
    PDM Racing
    Eximus Real Estate Team
    Blue Star Motors
    Midas Vancouver
    Toyo Tires

    See you soon at the next event!


    Fabrice Renaud
    2014 VCMC President
    VCMC Events Schedule - VCMC Facebook page