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  • Motorsport Reg Feedback?

    Hey Guys,

    We (Chuckanut Sports Car Club) is interested in using Motorsports Reg for our membership/event payment system, and were wondering what your general consensus is on the site?

    How much does it cost to use?


    VP @ Chuckanut
    2016/2017 Chuckanut Sports Car Club President - Bellingham, WA

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    Re: Motorsport Reg Feedback?

    Hi Nick

    I have just finished registering the BC Corvette Club with It was a relatively painless process and they supply lots of support to help you set up your account and first event. The amount they charge depends on the level of service. I think that you can have a free registration, but if you want them to collect money for you it is something like 4.5-5% of your fee plus $0.30 per transaction.



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      Re: Motorsport Reg Feedback?

      Hi Nick,

      Funny Chris asked me the same question. I can give you guys a tour of the admin side over skype or google hangout if you want.
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        Re: Motorsport Reg Feedback?

        I can't comment on the fee stuff since I don't know them all that well, but as far as content creation is concerned, it is *very* powerful and flexible.

        Of course, the flip side of this is, the learning curve to get everything you want in exactly the way you want it is a little steep. In particular, the [Registration Form] page where you put together the various options and groupings in the registration form continues to be a major PITA for me. I suppose if I were to regularly use it everyday, it will very quickly become second nature to me. But the fact of the matter is, I don't create new forms everyday, so for certain aspects of the [Registration Form] creation, there are things that I forget every time, and it takes a few minutes to re-figure it out even though I know I had already re-figured the same thing out the last time I did it.

        But overall, I'd say it is a positive experience. There are good reasons why they are so popular.
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