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CACC Meeting and VCMC

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  • CACC Meeting and VCMC

    Hi Guys,

    In the past few years I have been critical of VCMC's poor showing at the CACC general meetings.

    However I was very happy to see at this last CACC meeting that we had a good showing from VCMC members! (There is always room for improvement though!)

    It is very important that we, VCMC, as a member of this "region"/CACC attend these meetings not only for the face value of it but to represent our Clubs interest and play an active part in directing our motorsport and region development. A club is much more than how we handle our internal issues but is also in how we interact with the other clubs and CACC, this allows us to work together on common interests/issues, the very definition of a "region".

    It is no coincidence that since the two major clubs, VCMC and BCMA, focused on regional issues as supposed to inter club politics that the region has grown three fold. Resultantly our membership remains strong, our events have grown to record levels of attendance and the level of competition has never been higher! (That is really why we are here). Because the region has grown we can now work also with new clubs like UBC to further strengthen the region, which will benefit us in the long run as well (proven historically in the past, right Joe?).

    I am sure that some of our senior members can attest to the importance of attending these meetings (yes/no??).

    I want to encourage our exec that they all attend these meetings in the future along with members that are involved organisationally in the club. For some of these members that are newer members this will help them get familiar with the region and help prepare them for when they will be part of the executive.

    As a member I want to thank those VCMC members that made the effort to attend the meeting, it was great to see some our newer members like Hydie, Guido, Lawrence, and Mark there, not to mention the "Old" guard Joe, Alex and Cliff (I am sure I forgot some people, sorry).

    (Still sound like a solo director)

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    The "old" guard?! Sheesh thanks, Johnny. (bastard)

    With the change in CACC Solo events executive, it is imperative that VCMC maintains its strong presence in the CACC realm. There are newer clubs coming online and we need to make our voices heard as well as help others maintain the quality of CACC events.

    I've been at this as long as ol' Johnny has but in a different capacity. I'm glad to see people caring about important issues like rules, safety, community issues and growth.

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      Originally posted by Bigger is Better:
      Hi Guys,

      ...we can now work also with new clubs like UBC....(proven historically in the past, right Joe?).

      (Still sound like a solo director)

      " clubs like UBC..."???

      I still remember 20 years ago. They lend me their timer, cones, parking lot and insurance so that I can put on the first event for VCMC. It goes to show you that "what goes around, comes around".

      This brings up a good point. I heard recently that there is talk by the new executives in charging other clubs for damaged cones etc. Just remember that a favor done today may be remembered and returned years later. Don't worry about the petty stuffs. Look at the overall picture of the sport and the autox community as a whole.


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