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Can you actually go ~too~ cheap?

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  • Can you actually go ~too~ cheap?

    Yes, yes you can.

    Tripping over the loonies to pick up nickels, that's me. Crikey.

    So I needed some rear springs for the 7. I looked high and low for used springs to try and keep this project affordable, yet fun. The usual, eh? Got the wife, the mortgage, the house repairs, the bun in the oven. Gotta keep some money floating around for toys.

    I intended to run 2.5" ID rear springs, as anything smaller wouldn't fit around the rear shocks (Gabriel 81496, as per Steve Smith's "Dwarf Car Technology" book). But then, lo and behold, the dang back of the car won't fit 2.5" springs, I have to use 1 7/8" springs. Except the smaller springs won't fit around the shocks. Shoot me now.

    So, according tot he local British Car club, 70's Corvette rears fit quite nicely in the back of Triumphs and the like. I'll give it a try. Now I need the smaller springs.

    Of course, nobody has any used ones. I tried a wack of Dwarf and Legend car sites, contacted a number of people, even suppliers of used springs. Of course, nobody has a PAIR of springs, only ONE dang spring. "Turn right? Why would you want to do that?" So either y'all make your slalom events left handers (ever done a slalom on a banked oval? Trust me - it's very weird), or this won't work for me. And lots of "I might have some, let me look" and then never hear anything again for weeks. Kind of like the shoe store owner in The Kids In The Hall, who dissappears in back to look for the customer's shoes, only to be found by the customer in a back room watching TV and eating noodles. But I digress....

    Found a site that listed perhaps the lowest price for new springs (SSS brand). Filled out their on-line order form, only to find that they don't actually acknowledge the existance of Canada, and thus my Visa doesn't work because the address doesn't match. So I call the 1-800 number, only to find that it will not work in my area. Blast! So I call their long distance number, to get a recording that says essentially "Dude, we're busy. Call again" (my paraphrase).

    So I do a search for the SSS springs (Suspension Spring Specialists), found their website and amateur order form. Called their 1-800 number (which worked), talked to a pleasant lady (who answered after the second ring), and the springs were shipped out that day (how nice).

    So in all, I probably wasted a month or more waiting for people to never get back to me. *sigh*

    But then again, part of my challenge is to see how cheap I can build the car. That's the "Locost" philosophy.


    Pick two.

    Skinny "neither fast nor good" G
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