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New to Autocross....Need Some Class Registration Direction

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  • New to Autocross....Need Some Class Registration Direction

    I drive a 2006 Miata which has had the suspension and brakes extensively upgraded. Bigger front & rear anti-roll bars, stiffer coil over adjustable Tokico shocks, better bushings. Brakes are four piston Wilwood callipers with 13" drilled and ventilated rotors. Tires are oversized 215's all around. Engine is stock...for the moment. Any idea of the class I need to use to register? Thanks

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    I believe that puts you into STR depending on tire. Pretty sure you're allowed to upgrade both front and rear bars in STR but someone will chime in.

    Sounds like a fun car and it goes into a great class.

    Welcome to the club,


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      Yup - you are good in STR assuming the tires are 200 treadwear or higher
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        From another fellow NC Miata driver, welcome to the club!

        From a general car enthusiast's point of view, of course you should enjoy the freedom to tweak your vehicle as you see fit. From an autox perspective, however, you might want to quickly review the list of class legal mods that are allowed under the Street Touring category. The ST class allows for quite a bit of freedom with standard bolt on parts (IHE, ECU, suspension, wheels, tires, brakes, etc.), while still retaining everyday drivability.
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