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2015 V6 Mustang w/ Bolt-on Mods, What is My Class?

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  • 2015 V6 Mustang w/ Bolt-on Mods, What is My Class?

    Recently, I installed an aftermarket exhaust kit (long tube headers, catted h-pipe, and catback exhaust) on my car. I was in the DS class, where does that put me now?

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    The exhaust mods put you in Street Touring: STU
    As long as the mods fall into this:

    Exhaust manifolds, headers, downpipes, and associated EGR tubes may
    be replaced with alternate units. Exhaust exit may be relocated provided
    it meets Section 3.3.3.B.16. Relocation of the oxygen sensor on the header
    is permitted. Exhaust heat shields which cover only, and attach solely to,
    these parts may also be replaced, removed, or modified. All other exhaust
    heat shields may be modified the minimum amount necessary to accommodate
    allowed alternate exhaust components. Mounting brackets/hardware
    which serve no other purpose are considered part of the exhaust


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      Sounds like you should be legal for STU = Street Touring Ultra or STP = Street Touring Pony Car or CAM-C = Classic American Muscle Contemporary.

      Pax numbers are:
      STU = .824
      STP = .815
      CAM-C = .816

      So if you care about PAX then STP gives you the best chance.

      Going forward with additional mods you should probably have a read of the rules for those classes - they have quite different allowances while still remianing on 200 treadwear tires. CAM-C allows the most while still retaining a decent PAX
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