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Weight Reduction - SMF Integra

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  • Weight Reduction - SMF Integra

    Hey guys,

    Running my '97 Integra this weekend in the SMF class and am not clear on the extent of allowable weight reduction modifications.

    Am I permitted to remove the headliner and a-pillar trim? Do rear interior panels need to be present?


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    Here is the opening statement from the Street Modified rules: 16.1 ALLOWED MODIFICATIONS
    A. All Street, Street TouringĀ®, and Street Prepared category modifications are authorized. Except as noted by these rules and the referenced rules, vehicles must be as originally delivered including all road-going components such as lights, wipers, interior, heater, etc."
    What this means is that unless a modification is specifically mentioned it would not be considered legal. In a quick scan of the rules I cannot find where this type of mod would be allowed so I would say it is not legal. When modifying a vehicle it is best to not do anything that cannot be replaced until you are sure of the consequences.


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      Bummer if this is the case. The rear of the car, from back of front seats rearward, is currently stripped.

      I am out there to have fun and improve car control, so perhaps competitiveness (i.e. classing) is of little importance, albeit at the root of my personality!!



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        Yeah I would not really worry about it. I seriously doubt that the mods would have any large impact on performance. But if you were to compete at a regional or national event you need to ensure that your car is legal for the class.


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          Yea, most definitely a negligible improvement in performance. Will source interior paneling if I ever take it to the next level.

          Thanks for your input.