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  • What Class am I?

    im new to this so i was just wondering what class i would be in.

    2000 subaru impreza SRX
    15" prodrive wheels
    K&N Drop in filter
    EBC yellowstuff brake pads

    so ya basically stock. and yes it is an SRX not WRX. weird model from japan ahah. its basically a 2.5rs with an EJ204 naturally aspirated 150hp. has wrx trim and rear disks.
    im going to guess G Street Class (GS)?

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    No street class for you, all RHD vehicles start in Street Modified (if 4 seats, and Super Street Modified if 2 seats).
    1994 MR2
    2008 CSX


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      in the SCCA solo rules for classification, its says JDM vehicles are excluded? im a little confused


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        What section of the rules are you referencing? Here is the section regarding eligible vehicles:

        Cars running in Street Category must have been series produced with normal road touring equipment capable of being licensed for normal road use in the United States and normally sold and delivered through the manufacturer’s retail sales outlets in the United States. A Canadian-market vehicle is eligible for Street category if it is identical to the US-market counterpart except for comfort and convenience modifications as allowed per Section 13.2.A.

        So my understanding is that JDM vehicles are not allowed to run in any street classes. As club we allow such cars to run in either SM or SSM.


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          SCCA Solo rules 2019

          page 224

          Excluded Vehicles: • Porsche (all) • JDM-spec cars • Lotus (all) • MGB GT • Triumph (all)

          i have already registered my car under the street modified class but looks like im going to get smoked in terms of times ahah. i dont mind though, just trying to get the understanding of classes and rules, etc. As long as i get to drive i have no complaints


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            Yeah, JDM cars and really anything that was not available in the US or Canada retail markets are orphans for any "Street" class. Unless your car is heavily modified no one should have an issue with you running in the SM class. Just track your raw times and look to improve, as the SM PAX number is pretty tough.


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              Originally posted by Aamon.f View Post
              in the SCCA solo rules for classification, its says JDM vehicles are excluded? im a little confused
              Yes, to be clear - by the technical letter of the rules, JDM cars not even legal for SM/SSM - they in fact get buried even further down into the classes (Prepared or Modified). The reality is that we have never seen as a club a JDM car that is even close to competitive in SM/SSM as most everybody who brings one is like yourself - had the car before they had ambitions to come out to autocross. We normally don't have any competitors in Prepared/Modified so we allow you to run in SM/SSM knowing full well that you are not likely to be competitive there regardless but at least you won't be alone!

              Mark Uhlmann, UBCSCC Ex-Pres
              BM #51: 2004 Stohr WF1
              STX #67: 2011 BMW 128i (sold 2019)
              DSP #67: 1997 BMW 328is (sold 2012)


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                Makes a lot more sense now. Thank you both very much for the help. I really look forward to this Saturday!