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  • Subaru Crosstrek

    The crosstrek is essentially just a lifted impreza but it is technically a CUV. Would I be allowed to run it?

    2015 XV Crosstrek, no modifications. I would think HS would be the correct class if the vehicle is allowed?

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    Hi Evan,

    Unfortunately, Crosstrek does not pass the requirement where height should be less than average front/rear track ratio (height 63in, front/rear tracks 60in). See

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      Thanks for the quick reply Dimitri.

      that was the section of the rulebook I was concerned with.

      I am curious about the following paragraph requiring a minimum 1.30 static stability factor. 60in track width puts acceptable maximum height of the CG at 23". I have not measured this but I am curious if the car would be allowed in the case that it does meet or exceed that requirement.


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        I'm not entirely sure, but maybe others can pitch in on that? I believe, in general, since raised vehicles like SUVs and CUVs have a much higher rollover risk, section 3.1 excludes them as a group by default. To err on the side of safety, if a particular vehicle doesn't pass the height/average track test, unless it's explicitly listed as acceptable by SCCA, we disallow them from our events as well.