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Modified Datsun 240z

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  • Modified Datsun 240z

    Hi guys, just curious if someone could help me out with classing in my highly modified 1971 Datsun 240z.

    stock chassis
    Engine replaced with larger displacement model and turbo charged.
    adjustable length controls arms front and rear
    wheels 2” larger then original, on 225 wide street tires (185 stock)
    LSD carrier in larger differential
    adjustable perch springs/strut
    Upgraded sway bars

    I assume I’ll be put into some sort of wide open class. Regards, Colten.

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    Likely SSM, but not sure.
    Can't wait to see it out though. 240z is one of very few old cars I do absolutely love might actually qualify for XS-A or XS-B. (ExtremeStock A/B) there's a beautiful white MR2 that has an engine swap and supercharger and he's in XSA.
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