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Covid Restrictions for Sept19 Event?

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  • Covid Restrictions for Sept19 Event?

    I notice that the Covid restrictions stating "No Novices" is not listed for this event. I presume it has been dropped as I can't see it anywhere. Also, I was able to register. Am I right?

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    Correct, novices are permitted for this event. If you have been charged by motorsport reg ($60) then you have been accepted to participate. If not, then you are on the waitlist as we have reached the event cap.


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      Yes, I've been charged so I'm looking forward to the event. I have another problem. I can't find a reasonably priced helmet on short notice. I wasn't expecting a problem. The vcmc info says you have loaners available. Is this true? Should I consider Covid safety if I borrow one?


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        I have just found a DOT approved, open-faced helmet. Does DOT approval suffice?


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          I'll let one of the execs confirm on the loaners, but at the last event I believe you were able to borrow a helmet for the day. No, just DOT approval is not sufficient. It needs to be Snell certified. I believe we're in sync with SCCA Solo guidelines which are listed here:
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            Arthur is correct. Helmets need to be Snell certified 2010 or newer.

            If you can't find one that's fine. We have some loaners available that you can hold onto for the whole day. Just make sure to return it before you leave.


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              Excellent. Thank you.