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Hey, long time no see

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  • Hey, long time no see

    Somehow I can't login with my old screen name...

    anyways, I'll re-introduce myself, Patrick Woo, I drive a 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS, the guy who blew his diff in the first closed event of the season.

    I won't be racing for a short while until I sort out everything on the car first, clutch and flywheel is not on par so I'll leave it as my daily commuter right now. (unless someone let me drive their car then I might go race a bit...)

    anyways, that's about it.

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    actually I'll try my best to come out to race before June or something....but all depends on the car, not me.(<- you guys hate this line don't you?)


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      I don't think we've met but welcome back and hope to see your car sorted out and back at the closed clubs soon. Good luck!



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        my old screen name I think it's either hk20000 or 1985trueno......

        I dunno where my last post gone to now but it's in the same forum somewhere.....

        anyhow, I raced the closed club event 12th May, it was fun