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    SCCA Fastrack items pending Approval from CACC:

    Stock: The GS listing under "General Motors"
    should read "All FWD models with 6-cyl, Quad 4, Ecotec, or 4-cyl turbo engines, NOC".

    Stock: per the CACC, the following new model listings are added:
    Mercedes E55 AMG AS
    Mitsubishi Evolution VIII ('03+) AS
    Nissan Maxima ('04+) DS
    Volvo S60R ('03+) DS
    Chrysler PT Turbo ('03+) GS
    Mazda 6 ('03+) GS
    Saturn L-series 6-cyl GS
    Volvo (NOC) GS, separate line from
    "Turbo models (all)"
    Saturn Ion HS
    Saturn L-series 4-cyl HS

    Stock: The Porsche 911 GT3 is not eligible for Stock class competition at this time.
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