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Street Prepared Rules Quick Reference

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  • Street Prepared Rules Quick Reference

    Taken from Grassroots Motorsports, June 2004, page 91

    Street Prepared(SP)

    The Street Prepared category is for production based autocross cars that have been modified past the allowances of the Stock and Street Touring rules. Theoretically, a Street Prepared car could be street-legal, although the rules allowing the removel of emissions equipment could negate that possibility.

    Like other SCCA categories, SP is further broken down into separate classes based on the performance potential of the individual cars: Really fast machines like the Corvette Z06 and Dodge Viper are in A Street Prepared (ASP), while everything else fills out the remiaining five classes.

    Wheel, shock absorber, anti-roll bar, exhaust and intake specifications are pretty much all allowed. Cars can run any size DOT-approved tires, although fiberglass or plastic body panels are not allowed. Cars may also be updated and backdated (meaning they can select pieces from older or newer versions of the same model) according to SCCA rules.

    Basic Allowable SP Mods:

    Body work: Stock, although fender flares and front spoilers may be added
    Interior: Stock, although front seats may be changed
    Suspension: Alternate shock absorbers, springs and anti-roll bars allowed
    Engine: Intake and exhaust parts may be changed. Forced induction may not be added, however.
    Wheels/tires: Unlimited wheel sizes; DOT approved tires

    This is not a complete list of rules. Check the official SCCA Rulebook online.
    Jeremy Im
    VCMC Webmaster