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  • mod alignment question

    There is one theory that suggests running extra toe-in front and rear for Solo2 and hillclimbs to create some scrub to get the tires up to temp quicker. Any comments? I don't seem to get the R25As up to temp and thought this might help.

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    Re: mod alignment question

    Not sure about hillclimbs but toe-out is generally preferrable on the front for SOLO2. (what you lose in stability you gain in turn-in) IIRC
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      Re: mod alignment question

      Every time you introduce scrub into tires, mechanical grip goes down.

      Excessive toe is "a" solution to cold tires, but it introduces secondary effects which might not be desirable. A better solution is to go to smaller tires. Another solution is to get a co-driver as a tire warmer. However, there are cold and windy days that no matter what you do, the slicks will just refuse to work on a light car. If the tires are left over from last season, the situation will just be worse.

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