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icbc arbitration on car's value- need help

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  • icbc arbitration on car's value- need help

    This is sort of an update to my Oct 2019 post (that you don't need to read).

    Collectors 944 S2 1990 Porsche - total loss- icbc is offering me $6000 below my selling price (was selling prior to accident).
    Arbitration costs $400 so I'm ok with this.

    Does anyone have experience going into arbitration regarding value of car?
    Many thanks

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    Nevermind, icbc has countered with a more desirable figure.


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      Can you tell me what figure was it? My friend found a Collectors 944 S2 1990 Porsche for sale too not far from his real estate in Cannes and he wants to go see it and potentially buy.
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        $26,900 + PST $1,890. + GST $1,340 CAD was paid to me (minus the tax portion). I'm not sure about the market in Europe but in the states cars are worth a bit less due to higher supply.
        For reference, my car wasn't mint but 8-9/10 body and 9/10 for interior. Absolutely everything worked except for cruise control. Engine bay components were 80% replaced/restored.