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Introduction to Endurance Racing

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  • Introduction to Endurance Racing

    Hi all,

    A number of people have expressed interest in attending endurance racing events next year, and have approached myself or others on our endurance team for advice.

    Given our increased focus on Time Attack and track days this season, it looks like the club is turning out a new batch of potential endurance racers =)

    To make it easier to explain the format and share the lessons that we have leaned, our team (Team Petrel Data, formerly the Wu-Chan Clan) will be hosting an info session over Zoom where we can present information and field questions.

    Here's some of the things that we will cover:
    • What is endurance racing?
    • Where can I find endurance racing events?
    • What do I need to get started?
    • How much will it cost me?
    • How can I attend my first event?
    We will get a Zoom link together soon - I am coordinating with Jordan on this.

    The session will be @ 6pm Pacific time on Sunday, Nov 29.

    We are aiming to have all team members available: Mike, Richard, Cliff, and Yarko. We all contribute differently to the team, and we each have our own perspectives and advice that we can share with the club.

    Have an early dinner, then come and hangout on Zoom and learn about one of the most rewarding yet challenging things that you can do in a race car! Bring plenty of questions.

    Mike 'Chan' Marich

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    This sounds great! Looking forward to it.


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      I’m in...more racing more better