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Roger Johnson's Solo Course Design (book)

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  • Roger Johnson's Solo Course Design (book)

    Many years ago, Roger (the Real) Johnson put out his Solo Course Design "book" for free on the Internet (it's always been free). It's a wealth of information and ideas from many famous course designers of US Nationals Courses.

    The current link: (2017 edition)

    When I first read this eons ago, it was a big eye opener for me. I've designed a few courses back then but always felt a bit lost as to why someone may do something a certain way. I remember being "creative", but after reading the book, I realized many of my "creations" were a little too creative and my "customers" (who are driving the course) probably found them confusing. This all cleared up to me after I read the book.

    Anyhow, I thought I'd be nice to post this up again as it seems like people haven't realize that this free resource is available. (I realized this after talking to a few people including JValgardson and was a bit surprised knowledge of this small nugget of info seemed to have disappeared.) It's almost 142 pages of wisdom that can only make you better.

    I meant to post this much earlier, but I was only finding valid old copies of the links floating around or links that lead to 404s (not found).

    I found this video by Grassroots Motorosports ( about it, and link there was also dead. But it reminded me that Roger Johnson (who started this sport in WA) was in the Houson, TX region. So if this link ever becomes dead, you can find it hidden near the bottom of: (unless they change that up too...).

    Contributions to the book including many people including Karen Babb whom many of you may know. (She does have some "infamous" course elements in her design --> like putting a cone in the middle of your line.... =b)

    Enjoy! =)
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    I found that very interesting. Thanks for posting!