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April 27th, Rallycross in Merritt BC

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  • April 27th, Rallycross in Merritt BC

    I'll be able to post more after the meeting tonight but here's the advance notice. The Merritt Rally Challenge weekend will include a rallycross event on Saturday the 27th.

    Rallycross is just autox in the dirt. The same safety standard apply. Your autox helmets will be sufficient and you do not need a cage. Rally tires and special car prep is not required and you will not be competing in the same class as people with rally cars/tires.

    The lot is hard packed gravel over clay. You will slide but you won't get stuck (except for excuses).

    The West Coast Rally Association web site ( will be carrying the full details, regs, entry forms etc. I'll post more as the details become available.

    Perhaps Bernie can be talked into putting the WRX to some good use.

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    The WCRA is also looking for help with the course preparation and equipment as well. Perhaps VCMC might be able to provide some assistance there? This will be the first rallycross event the WCRA has ever held, I believe.

    As Peter has already stated above, the venue will be on hard packed clay/gravel, with some loose gravel on top. We have been told the surface is fairly smooth, but will likely be raked before the event anyway.

    Supplementary regs have been posted to the website.



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      The event is definitely on for April 27th.
      Insurance is secured.

      The rallycross is the second of a 2 part event which includes a 50km performance stage rally. Competitors can just enter the rallycross which has similar equipment requirements to those you are used to with autox.

      For obvious reasons, cabriolets are not permitted.
      Snell 90 (M or SA) helmets will suffice.

      Competitors must be members of a CARS or SCCA affiliated club (local clubs are WCRA or IRC). They must also hold at least a basic competition rally license. Holders of club or national rally licenses qualify.

      WCRA membership is $40 per year (if you don't already have it).
      The basic competition license is $25 per year.
      Rallycross entry fee is $30.

      The current schedule says that the rallycross starts at 16:00 and finishes at 19:00. Entries limited to 50 competitors. The schedule is tight and will probably be extended somehow. Because of the tight schedule it looks as if course workers will be provided and not drawn from competitors.

      The stage rally is on earlier in the day so you can watch that event prior to the rallycross (if your not entered of course).

      UBCSCC have generously offered timing equipment and cones. The rest of the equipment we may already have from running stage events. With the cooperation of clubs such as VCMC and UBCSCC we should be able to make this a really good event.

      My login to this site is not working from my normal machine so I'm not going to be able to post quick responses to questions. You can email me using [email protected] if you have questions or check out the detail on the WCRA web site


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