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    Hey Cliff,

    I might have missed it but I havent seen your annual predictions for the upcoming 2002 season?

    Lets have it! (you better have me down as the ESP winner)

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    Well, you know... my spies this year haven't been giving me the dirt as usual. It seems I can get more Golden Potty info than 'silly season' rumors. But here's some of my (non-psychic)predictions...

    Super Sport - Bernie Chiu if he can be consistent and keep his cool. He has a fully equipped weapon in the Z-06 Vette. All he has to do is drive well against Lisa Pusey's Boxster 'S' and Franco Piccone's Z-06.

    AS - Last year's GS Champion Ernest Fanthorpe has the use of a Porsche Boxster this year and will hope to take another class. He'll probably be up against Wesley Shew in a 944S2.

    CS - Carol Leuty in her 924S vs. Ben Liang in a Mazda RX-7 GTU-S. This one should be very interesting to watch once Ben comes to grips w/ his car and finds the rigt setup. The Mazda and Porsche are quite well matched. Ben was fast in his MR-2 Turbo last year.

    FS - The "incredibly life-like" Dave Pontifex will once again take this class.

    GS - Robert Lu and Steve Jung sharing a RSX-S will most likely finish 1 and 2 if they stick to the full season. A handful of newbies also in RSX's will be fighing it out or fastest Rookie. Rookie Steve Kibble in his Audi 200TQ better pray for a lot of rain this season.

    HS - Guido Van Duyn in the Mighty Mazda 323, unless I can find some speed out of my Civic. Figure on Leslie Yu moving up in the ranks in his Jetta after his Velocity training this year.

    CSS - Mike Leuty's 924S vs. Yarko Petriw in his Miata. I'll give the edge to Mike.

    DSS - Matthew Lam or Gary Fung both in Gary's VR6 GTI could win it. But let's throw in Gerald Chen and possibly Chris Beere both in Neons. Newcomer Jon Cheung is looking fast on street tires alone so he may very well sneak up on our veterans. No clear winner until mid-season.

    ESS - So far looks like Kevin Rimmer in his WRX.

    FSS - The Sinister Sentra of Greg Wellwood looks good so far. This may depend on whether my Civic suddenly moves up from HS...the 1993 and 1994 winner may just come back to reclaim a title.

    ASP - Hedwig Poon... as long as his car doesn't get impounded.

    BSP - Bill Frizzle should pick up this title in a traditionally under-subscribed class.

    CSP - Lawrence Chan has his choice of wet or dry 'cars in either his Audi S4 or Ken Seto's Civic 1500's. Other players include Chris Chu and possibly even Kyle Cheng in the mix.

    DSP - Unless Don Nimi returns w/ his 240SX, Marc Sasso (Integra GS-R) will probably take this one, but not without a good fight from Terence Chu and his BMW 325i or Mason Yu's "Evil Egg".

    The hot class this year is shaping up to be ESP. The list of potential winners reads like a WWF Royal Rumble in this class. Will Johnny Sandhu be "king of heavy metal"? (his car probably amounts to the combined weight of C-Mod). Well, if something doesn't blow up on his car then it could very well happen. But it won't be easy.. Both Oliver Brett and Campbell Carlyle of BCMA will have another year of experience in the 5.0 Mustang and will always be a force. The real unknown will come from two sides. Farz and Darren Foo have been not-so-secretly building their Eagle Talon to full ESP specs. The other x-factor will be Jeff Winchell and Glen Hernandez from SCCA-NWR in a Mustang that they have been developing in the last month or so. They've had some vey strong finishes at the early Pro and Tour events. Among all that Detroit muscle will be a few WRX drivers who've cranked up the boost.

    FSP - A battle between Tom Currie and the ol' skool Scirocco of Sead Causevic. I'll go w/ Sead.

    AM - One word: Phantom

    BM - Alex Chiu or Blake Wilson in the Swift-DB1

    CM - I would say if Bill McMillan comes to most events in his Cateham, he'll clim the title. Once Don Nimi works out the bugs in the 3-rotor RX-7, he'll be pretty unstoppable though.

    DM - Peter Scheck (240Z- 3.5 V8) vs Mike Elsinga (914-6). Karl Hunter may just come out and stir things up and make it a 3-way battle. Rod Mores will continue w/ his Factory Five Cobra but watch for him in 2003 when more upgrades to the car are planned.

    So there you have it. Just a big crap shoot really. Don't forget though, that any one of our Velocity students can sneak up on the senior drivers and pull out an upset. I'm hoping to see a VCMC Rookie in the trophies in as many classes as possible.

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      SS - Bernie???
      I'll pick Lisa in her BoxsterS... also depends whether Ken is running in the same class..... BSS?

      CSP - I don't know man... If Chris slaps on some Hoosier, I'm toasted


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        Hmmm... Well for the most part I would say that Cliffy is on the ball - However there may be some spoilers.

        F-stock - There is a new Bullit in town - and it is owned by former E/SP competitor Bill Cliff. At the first BCMA open Bill showed that this car has serious winning potential in off the showroom floor condition.

        E-SuperStock - What?? a WRX?!? Damn , I thought this was a PonyCar class. Well maybe I'll have to put together another Camaro - the current car is too far gone to make it back to SuperStock specs.

        B-StreetPrepared - Bill Frizzle has plans to put a real engine (small block Chevrolet) in the 240 - so look for him to make the move to Mod.

        D-Modified - Oh To Race Or Not To Race... That is the question. Well I will race but its not what you think....

        E-StreetPrepared - I have of course saved the best for last. Oh yes - there will be fluid spilled. Hopefully the only red stuff will be Auto Transmission fluid as Johnny's anemic 700R4 explodes spilling its life blood all over the course and ruining it for everyone. My suggestion is that Johnny be relegated to the very END of the run group. That way he can get used to being at the trailing end of E/SP where he and his sled belong!
        There will be Mustangs-a-many, Firebirds-a-flamin, Talons clawing for position and praying for rain. There may even be a Chicken - anything is possible.
        Recent reports have Campbell picking up a different ride this year in a newer 5.0 Mustang.
        Glenn Fukui(spell?) has a new blower and a six-speed for the Cobra Mustang.
        Oh yeah - and I will be running in E/SP this year also in a 92 Camaro - so look out course workers!

        So you see - anything can happen. There is even a slim chance that Johnnys engine will stay in the car for an entire season - but that is a slim chance if history is any indication.

        I know that I am definately looking forward to it all. See you at the track.

        Karl Hunter

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          (snip) There may even be a Chicken - anything is possible

          Hmmmm...if we can rebuild a SBC in an 81 Olds Wagoon overnight...... Can you say THRASH SESSION AGAIN KARL !!! Chicken just may be let out of the coop


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            <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Cliffy:

            ASP - Hedwig Poon... as long as his car doesn't get impounded.


            Well, there goes my chances...Rich just sent me an email proclaiming the resurrection of his beast. Now equipped with a quick spooling single ball-bearing turbo.

            Time to slash tires in pre-grid.

            "Keeping OPEC profitable since 1995..."


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              <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Cliffy:
              Rookie Steve Kibble in his Audi 200TQ better pray for a lot of rain this season.


              What (who?) do I have to sacrafice to appease the rain gods? Where do I sign in blood?

              Next autocross investment: big golf umbrella. Haha.
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                <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by HedgeHog:

                Well, there goes my chances...Rich just sent me an email proclaiming the resurrection of his beast. Now equipped with a quick spooling single ball-bearing turbo.

                Time to slash tires in pre-grid.

                I just let Rich's air out alternatively and randomly between his front and rear tires at events. It seemed to slow him down enough as I took A/SuperStock that year :P

                Actually, there were a lot of mind games going on that year. I remember one event where Rich had his hood open and I stood in front of his car. His buddy was supposed to shut his hood for him before his run (Rich uses Ice to cool the intercooler and sprays water, etc.). He already had his helmet on, strapped in, then he saw me walk and take a peak under his hood. He was so concerned that I had screwed around with something that he got out of his car and checked his vacuum hoses, hehehehe. Cliff was standing nearby and was killing himself laughing.

                Then there was the time that rich made a "ssssssss" noise near my car while bent over (man that reads bad!!!) and I grabbed my pressure gauge when we wasn't around and checked all four tires (I never check my tire pressure once they are set).

                All in good fun. Can't wait for E/SP, just gotta somehow get Koni to hurry up with our suspension!

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