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  • Split into Half Days

    I remember there was some discussion about splitting up the day into morning/afternoon rather than everyone running all day long. Was that change implemented or is it still being considered?

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    The numbers are not yet at the point where it's required. With only 100 cars at closed clubs and everyone getting five runs between 9:30am and 5:00pm, we're not at the point where we need split days yet.

    I see the progression being:
    1. Single session, single day
    2. Split sessions, single day
    3. Single session, two days
    4. Split sessions, two days

    We're still at #1 right now and will need to approach around 140-150 cars before we need to go to #2. To go to #3, we'll need close to 200 cars. To get to #4, we'll need 280-300 cars for the event.

    The membership has to grow before we can move to #3 though as you need to have more resources to pull organizers from.

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