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URGENT!! Knox Mountain Competitors

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  • URGENT!! Knox Mountain Competitors

    Hello Fellow Knox Mountain Competitors,

    As some of you might know, Knox Mountain Hillclimb and OASC have had some setbacks as far as the ASN Canada/CACC Insurance policy not having any hillclimb coverage. After great concern from the BC solo community, ASN Canada/CACC have obtained hillclimb coverage but the details are still being clarified.

    The insurance coverage costs have increased considerably and due to the short time frame until the event, OASC is forced to re-consider the feasibility of the event.

    What we need from you is a confirmation of your support of OASC and the continued success of the Knox Mountain Hillclimb! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!

    Those of you that are planning to compete at Knox Mountain please respond to this list or email me directly at [email protected] and I will forward your names to the organizers/OASC. Again due to the short time frame please contact me as soon as possible.

    In addition, as part of the financial situation and to help make sure we can keep the Saturday night Knox Mountain Dinner, we are trying to organize a worker party to help put up the crowd control fencing (instead of paying for it). This work party would be on the Friday before the event. So if you can get up to Kelowna by Friday morning/mid day please let me know. Even if you are not competing and you are coming up as a spectator or would just like to volunteer LET ME KNOW!! Maybe some of the solo clubs could "donate" some of the corners from the labour standpoint.

    So lets show some support for our friends at OASC and help make the 45th anniversary of the Knox Mountain Hillclimb a great success!

    Thank you,

    Johnny Sandhu

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    I will be there. I am pretty sure Pat Ma will be there too since he has already booked the hotel room for both of us. Gary will be crewing and all three of us plan to leave Friday morning, should be there by lunch.

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      Just a thought...but has any one ever considered approaching some of the local businesses to help out more financially? I'm talking some of the Hotel chains etc. Bruce Allen is a motor-head and he has connections with the Sandman chain. Anyone have a inside track to someone like Bruce Allen.

      Knox has been around for a long, long time and has benefitted the community very well. Racers spend money!! Maybe if some of the local businesses knew of the predicament, OASC might be able to get some assistance till we can get this insurance issue sorted.

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        I'm gonna be there for sure, already sent off my entry. Just missed out on getting the car ready for my first novice race anyways. I'll try to get there early on firday to help set up.

        BTW: just bought a truck so I'm looking for a car trailer to use/rent for Knox, or a good deal on a used one.

        Thanks to all the people whom I'm sure put in alot of hours to make this event fly!

        Scott Hulan
        GT1 TransAm


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          I will be there and I will also be avialable for the worker party.