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VCMC Season Warm-Up - Results & Feedback

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  • VCMC Season Warm-Up - Results & Feedback

    It was an interesting day, but I think we did well . And the sun was out as soon as we were done.

    [EDIT Zach]
    Here are all UNOFFICIAL RESULTS for the warmup event. Unfortunately due to the barcoding problems there are a few people that might have mixed up times, our apologies and the kinks will be worked out so this doesn't happen when the times actually count for something.


    A big thanks to the VCMC team and all the volunteers for making today's event possible. It's important to keep in mind that club executives and volunteers do not get paid to run these events and they pay the membership and entrance fees just like everyone else. It takes many hours and a lot of man power to run such events, so extra help is always welcomed and appreciated.

    If you have time this coming Sat Apr 20 please help out at Velocity Driving School

    We will have out first Track day on Apr 30 at Mission

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    Re: VCMC Season Warm-Up - Results & Feedback

    Good fun yesterday. It was cold and wet and i swear i saw snow mixed in with the rain while working when the second group was running!!

    The afternoon seemed to go pretty smoothly. I was shave 2.5 seconds or so off my morning times, at least that's what I saw when the clock was showing times for the first group in the afternoon.

    I heard a guy say at the end of the day that if he won the lottery he was going to cover the whole pad and make it an indoor autocross area. Would you mind hurrying up with that winning the lottery plan.

    Thanks for having this and being so welcoming to your neighbor from down south. Hope to cross the border and run as many events as possible with you guys this year.


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      Re: VCMC Season Warm-Up - Results & Feedback

      Thanks Shar for chairing the season kickoff! I know it was your first time and you did a great job! It was cold and wet and the course was fun with its own challenges. I have to thank the course setup crew too - it must have really really sucked on Friday night and with your commitment we all benefited. Looking forward to next week and crossing fingers on no rain at least.

      Oh and I didn't win the lottery

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        Re: VCMC Season Warm-Up - Results & Feedback

        Originally posted by Reximillian View Post

        Oh and I didn't win the lottery

        That makes me sad. LOL


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          Re: VCMC Season Warm-Up - Results & Feedback

          I want to thank the organizers (myself included, obviously ) as well as all the volunteers for all the work they put in to give us the awesome event -- course setup was great, and the JIBC course rebuliding exercise was excellent with all the helpers chipping in. The only thing I didn't especially enjoy was the liquid sunshine -- the course was great fun to drive in the wet, and I'm sure it would have been phenomenal in the dry.

          And dang! I made so many mistakes and left so much time on the table that I really want to go back and drive the course right! Grrr...
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            Re: VCMC Season Warm-Up - Results & Feedback

            Thanks for putting on the event. It was my first and the variety of cars, people and fun was great.