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Can larger loaner helmets be made available somehow?

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  • Can larger loaner helmets be made available somehow?

    I'll show you a pic of how the loaner helmet fitted my head....

    I know my head is exceptionally big and to make the club buy a bigger helmet just for me is very selfish, but is there any way I can get a fitting helmet without buying one?

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    There are 3 sizes.. I think maybe you grabbed a small one


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      na, the inside of the helmet read "XL"....

      I tried the "M" and it won't even go over my ears...


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        I think that's Bell's way of saying you're too smart to be involved in motorsports.



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            From that picture, you had one of the two new helmets I purchased for the club this year. The sizes were M and L so there's no way that it could've been an XL. Try grabbing one of the black ones next time. They are bigger.

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              That's weird, the black ones fitted just the same way as this one..... looks like I got an extra space in my head if I put either of them on...


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                We could just scoop out some of your gray matter up there. Most people aren't using 90% of their brain anyways - it's probably just extra weight which is slowing you down too.

                Judging by the inane comments from the locals up here at Knox, 90% might even be an extremely conservative figure.

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                  well the black ones are XL I believe and trust me, they don't sell you anything bigger than that at stores either. Maybe you should get one specially made for you .


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                    dude, the black shoei helmet was mine!! I kinda put it to good use since I got a new one... Try on all the loaner helmets available right after course walk next time or come straight to me asking for it.

                    Cut ur hair short, that helpx


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                      <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by VCMC Membership:

                      Cut ur hair short, that helpx

                      I was just gonna say that too.

                      Short hair makes a pretty big difference.