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2002 Peninsula Subaru WRX Challenge

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  • 2002 Peninsula Subaru WRX Challenge

    From: Lionel Bohrer
    To: Northwest Autocross List
    Sent: Saturday, May 18, 2002 3:38 PM
    Subject: 2002 Peninsula Subaru WRX Challenge

    We're at it again with the agreement with Peninsula Subaru to sponsor this challenge. See the following for details.


    Peninsula Subaru will sponsor the Peninsula Subaru WRX Challenge to be held in conjunction with the SCCA Bremerton Solo II National Tour, July 26-28, 2002

    The Northwest Region SCCA and the Sports Car Club of America, Inc., will conduct a Solo II National Tour event at Bremerton Motorsports Park in Bremerton, Washington. This event is one of seven in the SCCA National series held across the country, billed as “The Road to Topeka” because entrants qualify for THE TIRE RACK SCCA NATIONAL SOLO CHAMPIONSHIP on September 9-13, 2002 in Topeka, Kansas. The presenting sponsor for the event Brementon Tour is Kumho Tires. The event is open to entries from SCCA members and last year drew 243 competitors from across the United States.

    Again for 2002, the Peninsula Subaru WRX Challenge will showcase the characteristics and performance of the new Subaru Impreza WRX automobile in competition on paved surfaces before an enthusiast audience. All Subaru WRX owners and co-drivers who enter the Bremerton National Tour in the D Stock and D Stock Ladies classes are eligible to compete in the Peninsula Subaru WRX Challenge. Entrants shall comply with all applicable SCCA rules and regulations for National Tour events including payment of fees and satisfaction of the mandatory safety Inspection.

    The Peninsula Subaru WRX Challenge competitive runs will occur during the D Stock and D Stock Ladies heats that include the WRX. The cars will be grided and their runs taken in order in their respective heats. Each competitor will receive a minimum of three timed runs each day and the sum of the quickest times from each day will be used for scoring.

    Awards to the top five drivers in the competition will be $150 for first, $100 for second, $75 for third, $50 for fourth and $25 for fifth in merchandise certificates provided by Peninsula Subaru. Competitor positions will be determined by their best times including applicable penalties. Competitors are eligible to receive the usual class awards in G Stock and G Stock Ladies.

    The winning World Rally Championship car inspires the Subaru Impreza WRX design. However, the car has become an instant favorite with Solo II/Autocross enthusiasts as well. 227 horsepower and 217 pound feet of torque from a turbocharged and intercooled 2.0-liter engine in a 3085 pound chassis produce outstanding 0-60 mph times of 6.5 seconds! The taut structure and all wheel drive system with viscous limited slip rear differential produce balanced handling in this compact package and excellent Solo II performance. Replacing the standard all weather rubber with performance tires will further enhance competitiveness.

    2002 Challenge competition highlighted a contest between Rally/Solo veteran Paul Eklund from Tigard, Oregon, and Solo newcomer Patrick Rautio from Mill Creek, Washington. First runs Saturday saw Glenn Wallace lead the competition with a clean 56.680, Rautio second with a cone followed by Kimball Ayer with a clean 57.222, Eklund with 2 cones, newcomers Kirk Pesce and Ethan Clark, and Dean Mikes seventh. Second runs saw Eklund assume the lead with a 54.115, followed by Ayer 54.957, Rautio 55.603 with a cone, Wallace and Pesce. On his third runs Rautio turned the only clean 53, a 53.432 to lead, while Eklund coned to stay second, Wallace turned 54.693 to assume third, Ayer slowed in fourth, Mikes got his first clean run, a 55.312 to take fifth with Pesce and Clark in sixth and seventh.

    Sunday saw Kimball Ayer set the pace on first runs on the Sunday course with a 52.635 good for second behind Rautio (52.948), followed by Wallace (54.755) and Mikes (54.756), while Eklund with 4 cones took the “Cone Killer” mantle for the Challenge and went from second to fifth. On second runs Rautio slowed and Ayer coned while Mikes with a 52.927 wrested third from Wallace. Eklund with a DNF remained fifth. On third runs the veteran Eklund curbed the over-driving that marred his first two runs, setting fast time of the day, a 51.860 to take first by a 0.405 second margin for the two days from Rautio who slowed. His combined time of 105.975 seconds for the weekend placed him fifth in the ultra-competitive G Stock (the WRX class in 2001) field of 17 drivers. Wallace turned 52.868 on his third run to take third from Ayer who coned two runs fast enough to hold the position. Mikes took the fifth award position followed by Pesce and Clark.

    With a year experience to drive and tune the car, and for the drivers to learn how best to extract maximum performance, the Subaru Impreza WRX promises to be a contender in D Stock in 2002.

    Contact the Northwest Region web site at for information about the event, or event chairman Bud Bohrer at 253.529.0187 for information about the challenge.

    Contact Peninsula Subaru, a new dealership with cordial, helpful staff, for information on the Impreza WRX. At last contact one black and one yellow WRX were available.

    Peninsula Subaru
    3888 W. State Hwy 16
    Bremerton, WA 98312
    (360) 479-4320
    (800) 458-5808
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