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Knox Day 1 Detail By A Spect.

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  • Knox Day 1 Detail By A Spect.

    Hi guys. It was really fun yesterday. Guido and I met up at White Spot in Chilliwhack at 7AM. We had some good quality breakfast and left around 8:30AM. There was no traffic on highway and the weather was ok, no rain. We made it to Kelowna around 11:30. We went straight to the Knox Hill.

    Over there we met up with bunch of CACC guys and we walked around the start line and the grid and pits for a while. In the first day there are total of three runs. First run is not official timing and is only for practice. When we got there the 2nd of 2 groups were just starting to do their practice run. This group included Farzaan and Joe. We had a small chat with Joe on what some of the cars are running.

    Afterwards around 12:30 we decided to hit the hill and take the trail up to have some better views of the cars on the course. It was a really hard and steep(spl.) hill. After around 40mins of climbing, I couldn't do it anymore and i just sat down there for a while while others kept going. I caught up with them after 20mins and we found a good corner which I believe was turn #7 (there is total of 10 turns) which apprently has the fastest straight part before the corner. So there were some workers there clocking the speed of the cars with a radar gun. Faster speed was a 174KPH. Farzaan pulled a 151KPH and Joe's speed was around 154KPH and it was obvious that b/c of Joe's gearing, he couldn't go faster or he would've picked up good 1/2 to 1sec.

    Afterwards we head up to the very top of the hill which were the finish line is. I think it took us from bottom of the hill to top around 3hours. Coming down, 5 of us got a ride with the pace car and we made it back in like 5mins .

    Farzan and Darren were doing really good on the first day with Darren being behind Farzaan 1-2 sec. I think they were both behind the white 1st gen RX-7 with 1sec or so which Farzaan might have got a better time in his 3rd run and be the first in the class. But I saw Farz' 3rd run from start run. He revs it up, drops the clutch and you see all 4 tires just bite into the asphalt and the car takes off like crazy. It was really nice. Congrats to both Farzaan and Darren on an excellent first day at Knox.

    As for Joe, his best time was still 2 sec behind the class leader and Knox record holder, John Hoftner. Joe did not do his third run on 1st day. I think he was working on the car to change some settings and come out 2nd day and hopefully blow Hoftner away. As I said before, his speed was maxing out on the straight part of the course which would help him if he could change the gearing and get higher speeds.

    As for Johnny. That car is crazy. He got 160KPH and if he was faster only 1kph which he probably can do it today, he will join the 100MPH (161KPH) club. I don't think Johnny had any problems with the car. Just have to control that monster and hopefully he will be able to break to under 2mins .

    As for me, I head back around 6:40PM and made it home around 10 past 10 with an overall of 500miles trip.

    Thanks to Guido and Good luck to the guys on the 2nd day. Hopefully we will be looking at some trophies at the next club meeting

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    I'm glad you made it back home OK. Omid, that was a long day for you!

    Day 2 was not quite as incident free as day 1, I had hiked up to turn 3 when I heard a bang and a crash. I ran down the road and and saw where Curtis Symyk had gone off. After that I hiked up to the turn 4 area and watched Johnny come through on his way to going off in turn 8. Lawrence, Bernie, Hyedie and Andre then arrived and after complaining about the climb we made our way to turn 5. I stayed in turn 5 while the others continued up the mountain they may call it a hill but it's a mountain right Omid!

    Anyhow it was a lot of fun, I'm going back next year for sure. I'm glad to hear Farzaan won SP-2, Did Joe win FA? I hope more VCMC members suit up to compete in years to come!



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      I am kinda disapoointed that I missed all the incidents on the second day .

      But for sure that was some crazy hill to climb man. I'll be back there next year for sure and will stay day for both days, maybe even compete, HAHAHA

      Did Greg come out yesterday as well??



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        <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by bcrx7:
        Did Greg come out yesterday as well??<hr></blockquote>

        Yup. I never did find Guido Sunday - saw the Miata parked, but never found him. I hiked up the hill again, missed a lot of the wipeouts. Got to see a crazy V8 Fiero get pulled out of the weeds though.

        I stayed to the bitter end, bought a banquet ticket and stuffed myself silly (excellent food!). Clapped lots in the awards ceremony.

        Joe took second, John took the honours today. It seemed as though the Phantom is geared too low? Joe was able to go flat out all over the place, but I don't think flat out was fast enough.

        The craziest was THE Mr. Beere hitting the tire wall, getting up on two wheels, and just kept going!

        This doesn't put food on your table, it's supposed to be fun. If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.
        -=- Lethal Locost -=- Lethal Locost 2 -=- V8 Firefly -=- Crusty Chevy -=-


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          cool. Did you attend any parties afterwards/???


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            I left the banquet at 10 and was pretty exhausted. Most people were wiped after the full day, so I doubt much went on. I got home and slept for 10 hours.

            This doesn't put food on your table, it's supposed to be fun. If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.
            -=- Lethal Locost -=- Lethal Locost 2 -=- V8 Firefly -=- Crusty Chevy -=-


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              <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by G Wellwood:
              The craziest was THE Mr. Beere hitting the tire wall, getting up on two wheels, and just kept going!<hr></blockquote>

              We discussed that for our team distress tactics.