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    Hey everyone,

    Last season, we started using a new parking arrangement which combined pits and staging grid.

    We received some very positive feedback about it, however it was clear that we could have done a better job organizing and marking it and a MUCH better job informing event attendees about how it works.

    To address these issues, this post is intended to serve as a reference and will be linked in the emails that are sent out before each event. Please let me know if anything needs to be amended or clarified in the comments.


    At autocross events, the worker in charge of waivers & wristbands will now also have the following diagram:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	parking.jpg Views:	1 Size:	61.8 KB ID:	163144

    This is the layout of a single parking group. There will be 3 such groups at each event, one for each run heat. Participants are assigned to heats on the day before the event, as usual.

    Each group is split into rows with two parking spots each, front and back. When heat runs, the cars are directed from each row in sequence to the starting line. When a car is done each run, it returns to and parks in its original spot until it's called out again.

    Each group is also split into two areas; for dual drivers, denoted with green cones, and for single drivers, denoted with orange cones. It is important to park in the correct area because dual driver cars will run twice as often as single driver ones.

    When at the pad, approach the correct for you group/area. Look for horizontally lying mixed green/orange cones; they show the direction in which the car should be facing. Park into any available spot; it is now yours for the whole day. Please occupy the front spots first (in the direction of parking).

    Clear your car of any items and place them on the side of your car so that they don't impede the movement when your heat runs.

    Leave the car open and pop the hood and trunk to allow the person in charge of tech to inspect it and proceed to registration table.

    For more information on autocross events, please refer to Gary's excellent Guidelines and Responsibilities document.
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    Haven't experienced the new grid yet but hope to soon, will the waiver/wristband person also have a list of who goes into which Heat or does the driver choose which Heat to park in?

    Zach Wong

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      Hi Zach,

      The allocation of who goes into which heat (together with work assignments) happens on the day before, as usual. That information will also be sent out to everyone via email. The worker in charge of waivers will have a copy of that and the parking diagram on them, but everyone is still encouraged to check their mailboxes the night before the event


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    As a reminder, if your work assignment is "Parking" - please be proactive to ensure that people not only park in the correct line but also correctly in either the dual or single driver areas as appropriate. I worked grid yesterday and it is extremely difficult and disruptive to have to move people around after everybody has unpacked but with the new system, it is also a huge wrench to not be parked in the correct area. Please take the time to ask drivers when they are checking in whether they are single or dual drivers and make sure they understand where to park.

    Mark Uhlmann, UBCSCC Ex-Pres
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      Unsticking the post for now, since as of 2021, the new Mission Raceway site doesn't really allow us to implement this system.