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VCMC Summer Blitz - Sat/Sun June 15 & 16 + RESULTS!

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  • VCMC Summer Blitz - Sat/Sun June 15 & 16 + RESULTS!


    Course 1: PAX; Groups

    Course 2: PAX: Groups

    Course 3: PAX; Groups

    Course 4: PAX; Groups

    Final Combined: PAX; Groups

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20190615 Summer Blitz copy.jpg Views:	33 Size:	167.2 KB ID:	163242

    ***This is not a cup event and will not count towards cup standings***

    Location: JIBC/ YPK Integrated Training Centre (Pitt Meadows Airport)

    >> Registration Link << (Registration closes at 12PM on June 13)

    No drop ins, online registration only.
    First timers are welcomed, no previous Motorsports experience required.

    *** Please note that this event will be capped at 120 drivers ***

    Entry Fees:
    $120 early bird (if you register before 11:59pm on June 1st)
    $130 regular fee (closes at 11:59pm June 13th)

    *Membership is included. You automatically become a member when you register and attend an event.
    Please read the Supplemental Regulations.

    Gates open @ 7:00 am
    Tech closes @ 8:30am
    Reg check-in closes @ 8:30am
    Last wheel turns @ 5:30 pm

    Auto-X Cup Groups:

    Power-Street (SS, AS, BS, FS)
    Quick-Street (CS, DS, ES, GS, HS, SSC, HCS)
    Power Touring (STU, STP, STR)
    Quick Touring (STS, STX, STH)
    Street Modified (SSR, SMF, SM, SSM, CAM) *Street Tires Only. --> Move to Race group with Hoosiers or similar
    Race (All Street Prepared, Prepared, & Modified Classing:

    If you don't know your class please refer to SCCA rules or post your car details in this thread and we will help you.

    BC Driving Centre sound policy:
    Any vehicles exceeding 92dB measured at 50 feet or showing excessive tire squealing may be asked to stop running by the organizers.
    Please be mindful of your open waste gates.

    Please keep in mind VCMC is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.
    Events will only run as smoothly as you are willing to contribute.

    We are giving out tons of prizes!! See list here:
    PAX Winner - $500 Cash - Paid by VCMC

    Ladies Winner - Aria Gift Voucher $120
    Novice Winner - Aria Gift Voucher $120

    Raffle Prizes:
    -G-Loc AutoX Brake Pad Set
    -Driver's Edge - Racing Stuff (Pending)
    -Aria - Gift Vouchers, (2x $90), (2x $60)
    -Wilkenson's - Gift Cards - (2x $25)
    -Petrel Data - Solostorm App
    -Chevron Gas Gift Cards (25x $10)
    -Cup Event Entry
    -Blitz 2020 Entry
    -VCMC Mission Track Day Voucher

    If you have any questions please post them here or contact one of the club execs
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  • JValgardson
    commented on 's reply
    Hi Mark, I didn't see this message until now. I'll see about putting up all the runs tonight.

  • lowside67
    Thanks for the results! Any chance you can post the "all runs" document so I can figure out how much my cones cost me over a glass of scotch?


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  • JValgardson
    Results are posted now!

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  • JValgardson
    Hi Everybody, I'm still in recovery mode from the weekend so I haven't been able to get results up yet. They should be ready later tonight

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  • SnowMongoose
    Originally posted by DougM View Post
    Hi, we're not finding where the results ended up online, hints? Thanks!
    They're not up yet.

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  • DougM
    Hi, we're not finding where the results ended up online, hints? Thanks!

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  • JValgardson
    Hi Folks,

    Course is setup and ready to go for tomorrow. You may start arriving at 7:00. Try and get here by 8:00 at least.

    A couple quick updates:

    1) To improve the group distribution and have a more balanced set of cars competing against each other, the following changes have been made:

    CAM cars have all been moved to "Power-Street" with the SS, AS, & BS, and FS cars.

    SM, SMF, SSM cars have been moved to the "Race" group

    The "Quick-Street" group has been split. ES, GS, HS, HCS cars have formed their own group "Lite-Street"

    Again, this was done to facilitate better competition. I believe it will benefit everybody. I apologize for the late change.

    2) Work Assignments are attached here: Blitz Heat 1.pdf , Blitz Heat 2.pdf

    3) Parking: I have attached a map here: bLITZ pARKING.pdf . James Chevrette will be available to help you find your spot

    Trailer and RV parking is not in the normal location. I have reserved 3 lanes parallel to the fire lane.

    Grid and Parking for competition cars has been combined please. If you are dual driving please find a spot designated by the green cones and unpack your gear and lay items to the side (not

    All extra vehicles and spectator parking will be in the gravel lot midway down the access road to the pad. Please choose a spot there.

    If you have any questions you'll have to ask them in the morning. See you all tomorrow!


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  • JValgardson
    commented on 's reply
    For both Saturday and Sunday at lunch a Vendor will be on site preparing BBQ Hamburgers, Hotdogs, salad, etc which can be purchased. On Saturday evening a full dinner (Chicken, Sausage, Salads, deserts, and beer) will be provided and the cost has been included in your entry fee.

  • DougM
    Originally posted by DougM View Post
    Hello, will the site be open at all on Friday? We're interested in dropping off our car there that evening; swapping tires, etc.

    Will folks be camping?

    Great, thank you

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  • xopher65
    Will there be a food vendor on site?

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  • JValgardson
    We need some more people to volunteer for course setup. Anybody willing?

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  • JValgardson
    commented on 's reply
    Camping will be permitted on site. The entry gate will have to be locked up at one point for the night. What time do you think is the latest you would come? I will discuss with the site manager and get back to you.

  • TashaM
    Will people be allowed to camp onsite? If so, do they also need to arrive before 8pm?

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  • JValgardson
    commented on 's reply
    Hi Doug. Yes we will be there on Friday for course setup at about 4:30. You are welcome to come by after then. Just make sure to get there before 8:00 pm.