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VCMC 2019 Auto-X Cup 8 - Results and Feedback

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  • VCMC 2019 Auto-X Cup 8 - Results and Feedback

    Hey everyone,

    Results for Cup 8!Course Map

    Please post / PM me any corrections by next Friday

    We will update the overall standing once all corrections to these results have been made


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    I really like what you did with the course design. Fast and challenging.

    Cup 1 next year just mirror it :P


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      Aaron Schmidt (STH) is appearing in the the Quick Street group...Should be in Quick Touring group?


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        ya it was a tough course, which needed lots of courage and commitment. my fastest time was "wild". so many countersteer corrections needed. and due to the higher speed a single mistake on one corner would cost half a second. but on the flip side, improve one corner, and drop tons of time.

        who is good at statistics, to see what the spread is between peoples worst and best runs. also between the top and bottom of standings. I bet it would be a very flat histogram versus other events. courses like this are a great driver contest rather than best car contest.