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VCMC 2020 Auto-X Cup 1 - Results and Feedback

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  • VCMC 2020 Auto-X Cup 1 - Results and Feedback

    Hey everyone,

    Thank you to everyone who participated in Cup 1. Today's event was quite a doozy, and for a variety of reasons.

    Not all of you who wished to attend today's event could make it. Our whole organization exists to make motorsport accessible to as many people as possible, however our primary goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy. Once again, we hope everyone understands that the measures were extraordinary and were not undertaken lightly. We'll continue to monitor Covid-19 pandemic situation and act according to guidelines issued by our provincial government. The situation can change quite rapidly, so please watch your mailboxes for announcements, especially closer to an event date.

    You also probably experienced longer than normal wait times during the registration, which was due to a number of technical issues that, in retrospect, could've been avoided. Let's just say it's a bad idea to have something important in a single copy on a dodgy USB stick. Please continue to bring your barcodes to the registration table at next events, it should proceed much smoother from now on.

    And of course, the weather. This was the coldest VCMC event ever, at least on my memory. The wind didn't help too, but at least it wasn't strong enough to completely destroy the course. Thankfully, it also wasn't raining. Slush cup folks, go ahead and roll your eyes, I know you like fair weather just like everyone else

    With that said, here are the scores.I think everyone cars/classes/groups should be up to date, but please post (or PM me) your corrections by next Friday (Mar 20th) if you spot an error.


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    I find it odd and likely wrong that there are XS cars in Street Touring group and Race Tire group. XS cars can't have race tires, 200TW or greater.


    • JValgardson
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      Hmm, good point. Looks like we missed something there. All XS cars were meant to be in the touring group. Except for Greg P.

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    Rob and Angela should be in SMF not XS-B
    Brian Hemming | 1990 Mazda Miata - CSP | 1993 Mazda MX6 - HS


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      More issues.....

      S2000 in BS in Power Street - should be CS in quick street.

      Miata in SS in Power Street - should be ES in Lite Street.

      Norm is in HS - he should be in Lite Street not Quick Street.

      Cobalt in GS in Quick Street - should be Lite Street.

      3 XS drivers in Touring should be in Power Street.

      WRX STi in STX should be in STU.

      XS drivers in Race (already mentioned) - should be Power Street

      Rob/Angela (already mentioned) should be SMF not XS-B

      Cappuccino should be in SSM

      Brian Hemming | 1990 Mazda Miata - CSP | 1993 Mazda MX6 - HS


      • dtcaciuc
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        Thank you, Brian! Added to pending changes.

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      Results are now updated with changes, please take a look!