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  • Let's talk autocross pads

    What is happening with new facilities for VCMC autocross? Sardis, with it's "For Rent" sign, has been pitched as a possible.

    I know this club has a great number of very smart people and many well connected people. It wouldn't be too late to get a season going .....

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    Hi Ben, that place is a good suggestion. I have been meaning to give them a call. We started having some correspondence with Pitt Meadows so I thought something might happen there soon so I pushed the Sardis idea back. I'll reach out to them soon.


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      Where in Sardis?


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        South end of Tyson Road.

        49°06'00.0"N 121°58'45.0"W

        Here's a Google Earth link:


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          Apparently that is the RCMP driver training track. Do you have the contact number?


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            The Track Manager is at 604.702.8090


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              Looks like a potentially decent site - my only concern is how close the residential neighborhood is. Worth a shot though!
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                I have made initial contact with the RCMP. Waiting to hear what they say. They do rent the track out to other law enforcement groups.

                Yes, there are homes pretty close to the site.


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                  Just heard back from the RCMP and the answer is no they do not rent the track to non-governmental organizations. So the search continues.


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                    The go-kart track in Chwk is maybe a possibility.
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                      Soooooo, how was autoxing in Mission on the kart track? Was there enough width on that pavement for our cars and grid room for large events? Wondering how this venue will work out for us in the future and if there are any other leads we are still pursuing.

                      I mentioned it in the other thread but I'll mention it again, someone who can speak to the owners of Mission Raceways should point out an obvious business opportunity to them. The parking area for the drag strip is HUGE. Like as big and similar shape as the parking lots up on top of Cypress mountain (did we ever look into those btw?). If the owners could justify paving their parking lot (its currently gravel with a paved road thru the center of it), they could own AutoX in the lower mainland, plus have access to the types of big dollar bookings they book at Pitt Meadows. In addition, it would raise the profile and quality of the entire facility to have a paved lot for parking in for their drag strip. Here is the area people can park in for the drag strip currently. Obviously the entire thing wouldn't need to be paved to be useful for driving events, but it is a massive area.

                      I suppose if they filled in the grass/gravel areas in between the kart track we'd have a similar size chunk of asphalt to race on, but I think there's a better business case to pave the parking lot.

                      The best thing about the Autox clubs investing in Mission, is the race facility is a part of Mission, it's not going anywhere. I'm a resident myself, and we certainly have the odd salty resident who complains about the noise (and you can hear the big drag cars EVERYWHERE in Mission), but the complaints are ignored because everyone here knows the track is a part of Mission's appeal and the back bone of our local economy. The noise constraints are much lower here then Pitt Meadows, they even started doing drift events on the race course in the last couple years. Mission is into cars and that isn't changing anytime soon, while everywhere else in the lower mainland, it seems like urbanization will eventually shut us down. This is one city where the answer is, yes please, in our backyard.

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                        You've pretty much guessed it. The mission Raceway group is indeed considering paving the northside of the drag strip. They are still waiting on a couple quotes. I'm not sure what their budget is but I have suggested that our club could contribute and help to crowd fund in order to get this done.

                        The south side would actually require less paving to fill in and would be a larger space but it wouldn't be available as often for rental, which is why they are considering the north side.

                        I agree with all the advantages you speak of. We really hope this goes forward as soon as possible. It's not a "for sure" thing, but they are seriously considering it.


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                          I thought they might think of or go for that. The track has changed owners and recent years and has been pretty gung ho to bring new forms of racing to town. I didn't think they would ever bring drifting to the road course. It's really loud, and sustained noise unlike the top fuel drag cars. Autox will be the quietest racing anyone does at this facility, we should be pretty safe lol.

                          Fingers crossed!

                          Can you say yet if we will be doing more events on the existing kart track in the mean time? And how did it work out? I would have stopped by, but no visitors was stated.
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                            Yes, we have 4 more events planned. The next one is July 24th but I'm trying to get an evening date sometime before then. Here's hoping.


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                              Originally posted by SupraFiend View Post
                              And how did it work out? I would have stopped by, but no visitors was stated.
                              I think everything went smoothly as per usual VCMC standards. Limited course design options as Jordan has noted before. Lots of overlap between runs is great, but non-grassy parking was a bit limited so blocking for stands/jacks might be a good idea. Some footage from the event can be found at

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