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Mid-Summer Update - AutoX?

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  • Mid-Summer Update - AutoX?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm sure you've all been wondering what's going on with AutoX and I apologize for not giving more regular updates. The sad reality is that there hasn't been any updates to report. The following is a timeline which may give you an idea of the pacing and progress of our correspondence with BCEHS (British Columbia Emergency Health Services)

    June 10th: BCEHS reached out to all the local clubs asking us questions about what type of events our club hosts and how often. We promptly answered their questions and waited for further correspondence.

    June 23: BCEHS reported that it was still very early stages of their lease and they were processing and considering the information from the clubs.

    July 3: BCEHS messaged us: "We are continuing to work through all PHSA/BCEHS requirements in order to be able to provide external rental opportunities at PMAS north apron.
    That said we are aware of how keen some groups are and we will provide updates as we move through our processes. Thank you for your continued patience."

    July 18: Today, nothing new.

    So I don't know if anything will happen for this summer. BCEHS responses are diplomatic and we don't have any clue of their schedule. I've tried calling to talk to them on the phone many times but I always get voicemails. Not sure if I should push much harder as I don't want to sour the relationship before it starts. Maybe I should start working on JIBC again....

    Beyond this we have reached out to another potential site: Sardis in Chilliwack has some potential and we've made first contact. We'll see what comes of that.

    -Jordan & VCMC Team