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  • Best lap timer for autoX


    I am a girlfriend of an AutoX driver. I know nothing about cars (lol) so bear with me haha. His birthday is coming up and he's mentioned in the past that he'd like a lap timer. I really want to get him one this year and want to really surprise him with this. I've been trying to do research of what's available on the market right now and what's the best. I'm just having a hard time finding a lap timer that will be really good for autocross specifically (most of them seem like they are for closed circuit tracks). I also don't really know what kind of key features are important/beneficial to have in a lap timer for autocross (i.e. speed, G-force, other cool car stats) which is why I came here to ask you guys/gals. From my research, one of the features I came across for some of them that I think is really cool and beneficial is the ability for the device/app to display a map so that on playback, you can see and compare stats to where you were on course.

    Some other info that might be important:
    - We usually run the events at an airport or remote location so there's no wifi (however, we have cellular data of course)
    - the ability to create your own track and have an open circuit is key since as you know, AutoX tracks are different every time and are open circuits

    So in short, I'm just wondering if you guys and gals could give me some advice on what you use for lap timing or know of any lap timers that are really good for autoX

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    I would recommend SOLOSTORM. It is authored/owned by a member of this organization (Mike Marich). It is very popular internationally, I believe.
    It uses a GPS device to record track/lap position. It connects to the car ODBII port to record speed, %accelerator, %brake,
    and records sections of each lap including entry speed, average speed, exit speed, g-force, distance traveled.
    It really is a phenomenal system. You can then review/compare laps, etc., etc., etc. Check it out at Petrel Data Systems...
    Gary and Pat Watson
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      Solostorm is probably the best. he can run it on his phone or a separate tablet or whatnot.
      its not cheap ~$200, and you would need the gps receiver that works at 10hz. ~$80
      Optionally he can keep adding componants later, like an ODB2 dongle or a racecapture for extra telemetry