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AutoX Practice @Mission Kart Track - Results and Feedback

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  • AutoX Practice @Mission Kart Track - Results and Feedback

    Hello everyone,

    As usual, big thank you to all the participants and organizers for braving the afternoon traffic and swarms of mosquitos to make this event happen.

    Everything went fairly smoothly, aside from a few interruptions caused by trucks trying to sneak across the area. Aside from being a nuisance, we recognize it's also a potential hazard and so, going forward, we'll be working with the venue management to make sure those either do not happen or are better controlled.


    During the event, I may have haphazardly approached a few folks about the unexpected vehicle changes, and so I'd like to elaborate on the club rules in that regard.

    Once the event starts, drivers are allowed to make a change of vehicle, however by doing so they agree to forego their previous runs that happened up until the point of change, and their registered vehicle gets changed to the new one they're driving. Jumping between different vehicles is only allowed if there's some time after the event is over and we organize so called "fun runs". This is where everyone is free to try out their friends' cars (provided their friends consent to that 😛) and the runs are still being timed, however they're not recorded or considered when scoring results.

    Since this was a practice session, it's not a huge deal, however we'll be watching this more carefully during our Cup events. I hope that clears things up, but please shoot me any questions you might have.


    With that out of the way, here are the scores!
    As usual, if you spot any mistakes, please post or PM me your corrections by end of this upcoming Sunday.


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    I know this event won’t count towards Points, but will it count towards the Mazda contingency program? Is that still happening for this year?


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      While nothing is in place currently for Mazda contingency we hope to have an update on that shortly. We are certainly trying to continue that relationship with them as they have been so supportive in the past. In previous seasons contingency has only been for cup events and it looks as though that will continue for 2021. Hopefully I will have more info to post soon.