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Reverting of membership process

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  • Reverting of membership process

    Hey VCMC members!

    We were trying something new this year where we had a separate membership signup form that you had to fill out before you could register for events. We added this to improve our liability waiver management process as we have found that members were not always filling out the waiver forms before showing up the event.

    We've found this process to be complicated and made it difficult for people to actually sign up for events. We've since cancelled that process and reverted back to automatic membership whenever you sign up for our events. However to remedy our waiver liability issue, you must upload a picture of your signed waiver before signing up for an event. (You only need to do this once a year) If you do not sign the waiver your registration will be cancelled and your payment refunded.

    Anyone whose signed up for VCMC membership this year and paid the 10 dollars will be refunded.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.‚Äč