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2023 VCMC Cup 1 - Sunday Apr 30

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  • 2023 VCMC Cup 1 - Sunday Apr 30

    The first Cup event of the season is here!

    Registration Link:

    Location: Mission Raceway, South East Corner (32670 Dyke Rd, Mission, BC V2V 4J5)​​

    The event will follow the standard Run/Work/Break format w/ 3 run groups.

    Event cap: 90 participants

    Event fee: $75

    Membership is included. You automatically become a member when you register and attend an event. Please read the Supplemental Regulations.

    07:30 Gates open
    08:30 Tech and check-in closes
    Novice Walk
    08:45 Driver's meeting
    09:00 Heat 1
    10:15 Heat 2
    11:30 Heat 3
    12:45 Heat 1
    14 00 Heat 2
    15:15 Heat 3
    16:30 Clean-up
    17:30 Off-site
    Cup Rules:

    If you don't know your class please refer to SCCA rules or post your car details in this thread and we will help you.​

    Annual Tech

    PLEASE NOTE: You must fill out the annual tech declaration for the vehicle you're competing in and present it at the event to receive a tech sticker. Any vehicle that doesn't have a sticker in the grid will not be allowed to run

    Mission sound policy:

    Any vehicles exceeding 95dB measured at 50 feet or showing excessive tire squealing may be asked to stop running by the organizers.
    Please be mindful of your open wastegates.


    Please keep in mind VCMC is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.
    Events will only run as smoothly as you are willing to contribute.

    If you have any questions please post them here or contact one of the club execs

    We need to fill the following positions, please post here if you'd like to take one. This will be your work assignment for the event.

    Event Chair: David Wilson

    Chief of Workers:

    Course Design: Jordan Valgardson

    Course Setup (Sunday @ 06:00 AM):
    1. Andrea Nielsen
    2. Dave Hancock

    Tech: (Self Tech Forms)

    Registration 1 (730 - 815): Ata Vafaeinejad
    Registration 2 (800 - 845)

    Entry Control 1 (730 - 815): Carol
    Entry Control 2 (800 - 845): Brian Wong

    Event Towing: MRP

    Chief of Timing (timing event set up before / tear down after the event):

    Novice Leader 1:
    Novice Leader 2:
    Novice Leader 3:

    Novice Walk:​
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    I'll take entry control 2, thanks!

    Brian Wong


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      Andrea Nielsen and Dave Hancock for 6am setup please


      • #4
        Reg 1 for Ata Vafaeinejad please. Thank you


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          Sign me up for Entry Control 1, thank you


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            Reg2 for Jackson please (posting on his behalf)
            BLACK 1995 MIATA