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Pics or Vids of the Talon at Knox?

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  • Pics or Vids of the Talon at Knox?

    Hi all,

    If anyone has anymore pics or vids of our talon at knox could you please let me know? I'm trying to collect everything together. Johnny, wasn't there a Turn 7 vid some guy took? Or turn 5? Any way of getting in contact with them?

    Thanks all.

    PS. We were car 119 and 19.

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    Hey Farz. I took quite a few pics of your car using Johnny's digital camera in Turn 3 and at the start. Don't know how good they turned out ( Didn't like the camera at all. Wish I'd used my 35mm ). Contact Johhny and see what he's got.

    Davinder also took some picks with her 35mm. Turns 3, and 7.


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      Hey Guys,

      I sent the pictures Chicken sent via email to all the guys via email, thanks by the way Chicking for doing that. I know you are getting pretty old to be walking up the Hill !

      Darren I believe Chris Beere has some nice outside vid of your car (and a few others as well). You might want to try him.