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Red Deer Hotel Steal!!!! (I got it)

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  • Red Deer Hotel Steal!!!! (I got it)

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Brian Lakusta [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 10:38 AM
    To: CSCC; Alberta Solo
    Cc: Richard Dekker; Richard Dekker; Andre Yeu; Donna & Jerry Woods
    Subject: Brand new reasonable nice place in Red Deer.... for upcoming solo events PICTURES!!!
    Importance: High

    Hi everyone... Some of you guys last night in Calgary were asking me if I checked out this place... on my way down to last nights event... never had time on the way down..

    I stopped in on the way back.... WOW!!! It is very very nice and cheap!!! Rates are on this web page I just made with some pictures of a room with a kitchen. the place is brand spanking NEW and the rooms are nice and clean....

    All rooms have fridges ( big fridges - not bar ones ) and start from $59.00 and a 2 bedroom starts from $67.00. $2.00 extra for a kitchen to make it start from $69.00. Includes continental breakfast too!!! Phone is 403 358-5775 No toll free number.. only thing they don't have.. rooms are well done....

    The Manager Ed has blocked 10 rooms for the CSCC / ASA for the June 14th and 15th for CSCC and ASA members ( say the full name when you book - Alberta Solo Assoc. / Calgary Sports Car Club ) and these 10 blocked rooms will be held ONLY UNTIL JUNE 9th and then it is on a first call basis.... so call right away.. he said most go for the $59.00 rooms... they go fast.. He has some left..... CALL NOW!!! 403 358-5775

    I booked my room there for Jerry W and I ( and maybe Jerry-Lynn if she goes ) for the mid June event.... They have a boardroom also to rent... Maybe if we use 10 to 15 rooms I may be able to get it as a party room.... So, please mention your club name when you book... ( I am paying for my room... not on commission.... :^) )

    It is on the west side of the highway.. overpasses to go there and back to the Westerner grounds..... Ricky's All Day Grill, Mr Sub and Tim Horton's / Wendy's is within walking distance... many gas stations and more..... There is a long section that trucks and trailers can park and he said he could handle a few... there is more room over a small curb on an adjacent business that he said is OK to use if you leave to the event in the early am... decent lighting also....

    Here is some pictures and a page with all rates and info...

    Reijo, you may want to forward this to Joe Cheng if he is coming with the phantom or anyone else in BC that is registered....

    I am not doing the evolution school but some of you are.... on the July long weekend..... He said rates stay the same for long weekends..... I would book now for both mid June event and if you are doing the solo school as he said they get busy on weekends.....

    15/16-Jun Canadian Autoslalom - Western Championship (CAWC) Solo 2 Red Deer -
    Westerner Grounds Reijo Silvennoinen 288-6112

    29/30-Jun Evolution School Solo 2 Westerner Grounds
    Red Deer Ken Tubman 255-3434

    6/7-Jul Solo 2 Event #6&#7 Westerner Grounds - Red Deer 08:00 Warren Milton 870-4586

    He said he is well open for the July 6th weekend... Book now ( mention the club again.... ) as there is only a 1 day cancellation...

    He knows about the weekends for the 3 events... He has only blocked rooms for the first event.... Reijo / Warren can ask his for the others... or Ken Tubman for the school....

    Brian Lakusta

    BDL Motorsports / Mr. Dent Inc.
    cell. 780.499.8556 fax. 780.487.9899
    New e-mail mailto:[email protected]
    New Ebay e-mail mailto:[email protected]

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    Thanks andre.. you beat me to it....

    See you there........


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      Phone is 403 358-5755 This is the correct phone # to the motel... I got the numbers mixed up...

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