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Champ 3 Pre-Tech Reminder

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  • Champ 3 Pre-Tech Reminder

    Just a reminder that BCMA will be holding pre-tech this wednesday at Grandview Tire & Auto, 2886 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. Pre-tech starts at 6:30pm, please do not arrive early.

    We will be doing tech a little different than the last two Championship events. Competitors will be teched first and then proceed to registration. This is being done to ensure BCMA recieves a signiture on the entry form from each competitor (required per the CACC GCR for liability reasons. Has to do with signing your life away or something like that).

    See you wednesday!


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    Where about is it on Commericial drive?

    Just south of Grandview??


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      Yes, about a block or so.
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        darn it!!!! i just came home from work way i can make it guess i'll have to tech in the morning
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